‘Stop talking,’ Johnson is told. Are the media finally saying his time is up?

Boris Johnson: it seems we all think it’s time for him to go.

It’s looking that way, isn’t it?

After a slew of car-crash media interviews since the start of the Tory conference, here’s one that I missed – but that illustrates Richard Murphy’s point very well:

In a Today programme interview, Nick Robinson – himself a staunch Conservative – told Boris Johnson to “stop talking”:

The Prime Minister was interrupted by Today programme presenter Nick Robinson as he answered questions about the acute shortage of lorry drivers driving the fuel crisis

The discussion turned tense when Mr Johnson gave a rambling answer about HGV drivers.

BBC Presenter Nick Robinson tried to interrupt the PM when he was arguing that the shortage of lorry drivers was due to failure to encourage workers to sign up for the job.

Mr Robinson: “You have made that point very clearly and I’m going to…

“Prime Minister – stop talking. We are going to have questions and answers, not where you merely talk, if you wouldn’t mind.”

At the end of the interview, Johnson sulked:

“It’s very kind of you to let me talk, I thought that was the point of inviting me on your show, but anyway, lovely to see you.”

Johnson has been the Establishment’s useful idiot for more than five years, pushing Brexit down our collective throats and delivering a landslide election victory for the Conservatives.

But he is a fool. His failure to cope with Covid-19 is the clearest possible indicator of that.

The sharks among his fellow Tories are smelling blood in the water. Rishi Sunak has already auditioned for the prime minister’s job in his own conference speech.

How long must we wait until Johnson falls?

Source: BBC presenter orders Boris Johnson to ‘stop talking’ in fraught interview clash – Mirror Online

3 thoughts on “‘Stop talking,’ Johnson is told. Are the media finally saying his time is up?

  1. Hecuba

    One fascist tory dictator on way to be dismissed but another vile fascist dictator is waiting in the wings and his name is Sunak! ‘Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look.
    195He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.’ Julius Caesar Act 1 Scene 2 and it equally applies to Sunak for he too has a lean and hungry – dictator in waiting!

  2. Stu

    Bojob’s usefulness is definitely coming to an end, especially obvious with today’s swan-song speech, a Trump-style rant basically blaming everyone else but himself.

    Perhaps Boris Blames Britain is a more apt slogan

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