If a party won’t do what you want, why would you vote for it?

He couldn’t care less about you: Starmer welcomed heckles at his Labour conference speech because he wanted to humiliate left-wingers by claiming they don’t matter to him. He thinks they have no choice but to vote for his RIGHT-wing policies. But that would be an act of self-harm. We need to teach him that he is badly mistaken.

Labour has just suffered a heavy by-election defeat.

In the Newark and Sherwood by-election, Labour dropped from first to third:

Here’s a charitable commentary on that:

There is a simple explanation for this precipitous fall: people don’t like Keir Starmer and – more importantly – they don’t like his policies.

We know from opinion polls that a majority of the UK public want our public utilities and railways re-nationalised and private businesses removed from the National Health Service, along with a swathe of other socialist policies.

More than 70 per cent of the population support these changes – but both the Tory government and Starmer’s Labour “opposition” are telling you that you can’t have them.

They demand that, in elections, you support the policies that they want to force on you, whether you want them or not.

Why should you?

The answer is easy: the party leaders assume that you are naturally tribal. If you were brought up among Labour supporters, you’ll vote Labour no matter what daft right-wing policies Starmer foists on you. Similarly, if you were brought up among Conservatives, the assumption is that you’ll vote Tory.

They want you to vote against your interests, by lying to you that you don’t have any other choice.

Of course you have another choice: You don’t have to vote for either of them.

In fact, voting for Labour under Starmer would be a vote against the very policies that (according to the polls) you want!

I read an article in the Morning Star that explains the situation:

If Starmer does well at the next election, it will now explicitly be on the basis of his gratuitous and open repudiation of socialist values and principles.

Look at the Green New Deal, housing, Palestine or workers’ rights: no sooner had members passed policy at this conference than a shadow front bench minister was brought forward to renounce the policy and insist that it was not going to make the next manifesto.

The contempt for members, their values and the commitment to socialism under former leader Jeremy Corbyn was made clear in repeated public statements from the front bench, as well as at length in Starmer’s speech.

It further explains:

Is repudiating our entire tradition, our entire worldview and weakening our cause for decades, the price we are willing to pay for a slim (practically non-existent) chance of ending that, in favour of Starmer’s brand of washed-out liberal elitism?

The extinction of socialism from mainstream British politics would have far greater long-term effects on the lives and living conditions of working-class people than another Tory term. It would be a defeat for decency in politics, a defeat for morality, truth and reason.

And it says:

Success for Labour in the present conditions would be detrimental to the development of a truly progressive political agenda, and the advancement of our cause.

Whether you remain a member of Labour or not, unless you have particular mitigating local circumstances (such as a properly socialist local candidate running for Labour) then Labour is currently asking you to vote for the destruction of everything you believe in.

The people making this demand are well aware of how humiliating this is — and how depressing. They are also aware that a socialist movement cannot ever thrive if it is not proud of itself, dynamic and confident. This is yet another intended humiliation to put our ideas and principles back in the box.

Don’t do what you are being asked to do. Don’t vote to trash your principles or our hopes for a better world.

The people of Newark and Sherwood didn’t vote to trash their principles – and most of them are unlikely to have read the Morning Star piece.

This Writer feels sure that Thursday’s result is not unique; Labour is losing ground across the UK because Starmer’s policies are rubbish.

There is a dilemma for party members, who are not allowed to campaign against the party or show support for any other political organisation.

But that doesn’t mean you have to campaign for Starmer’s Labour. And it doesn’t mean you have to vote for policies that would harm you, either.

Starmer and his right-wing headbangers are trying to gaslight you into thinking there is no alternative to them.

They are wrong.

But it’s up to all of us to explain that to them.

Source: Should socialists vote Labour under Starmer? | Morning Star

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5 thoughts on “If a party won’t do what you want, why would you vote for it?

  1. David Rowland D

    We don’t need another tory in government under another name. No matter what Starmer wants you to believe the labour party is now nothing more than a lighter version of the right wing conservatives. It’s absolutely incredulous that a “Knight” is now the leader of the labour party, this is not what our parents and those before them fought hard for. The rights gained by “ordinary folk” are now being tossed aside for the benefit of the “I’m OK Jack” brigade.

    Telling hard working Care workers they should work harder to make up for people leaving their employment because of government incompetence, plan B is making sure people don’t mix yet tories tell you it doesn’t matter if you know the people you are mixing with, there is no reasonable logic that could explain the way these idiots in control think.

    The worst thing is that a lot of people think that by voting tory it will make them just like their masters, rich beyond their means and without a care in the world for those beneath them.

  2. Jeffrey Davies

    Stammer is a Robert plant sorry Robert but untill these creatures are thrown out then it’s going to get worse for us and they ain’t going to go lightly rather they’d take the party down

  3. Frances Kay

    Except in Wales, where I hope Mark Drakeford is seriously considering splitting from Westminster Labour. Wales, whose citizens are getting the benefit of Corbyn-style policies that ensured Labour’s return to power in the Assembly elections,with an increased majority. People aren’t stupid. They’ve worked out that Starmer has nothing to offer.

  4. kateuk

    I live in the next constituency (Mansfield) and unfortunately, round here, Independents are just Tories in disguise. They always vote with the Tories. half of them used to be members of the Conservative party. But people don’t realise and they are so sick of the other two parties that they vote Independent as a protest, and get more of the same.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I have no doubt that this is true. The fault is on Keir Starmer and all the right-wing entryists surrounding him, for infecting Labour with the very politics it is supposed to oppose.

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