Did Labour widely distribute intimidating letter to domestic abuse victim Apsana Begum?

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Apsana Begum: why won’t Keir Starmer support his MP?

Is the Labour Party deliberately abusing a former victim of domestic abuse?

Apsana Begum has spoken of being a victim of domestic abuse, coercive control and financial abuse during her short marriage to a Tower Hamlets councillor, Ehtashamul Haque, between 2013 and 2015.

She was falsely accused of council housing fraud and had to go through a lengthy trial, at the end of which she was cleared of all charges.

Now this:

These are just allegations. This Writer cannot vouch for their veracity or make any claims as to who may be responsible for whatever has happened.

But doesn’t it seem strange that the Labour Party under Keir Starmer seems to have less regard for the well-being of one of its own MPs than under alleged racist (but we all know that was another nonsense allegation, right?) Jeremy Corbyn?

Ms Begum seems remarkably upbeat about it:

But the question remains: what is going on in Tower Hamlets and why hasn’t the Labour leadership clamped down and announced an investigation – possibly, considering the situation, involving the police?

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