#Covid19: #Omicron – and another #Tory bid to ruin our #Christmas

Risk: this is a German advert showing how masks reduce the risk of catching Covid-19 and its variants. People in the UK should take heed because the advice from our own government isn’t worth the time taken to listen to it.

There comes a time when even the most tolerant observer must give in and admit that the government is deliberately sabotaging its own fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Doesn’t there?

Surely, if you didn’t reach it in July when Boris Johnson condemned millions more people to catch the virus and at least 16,000 to die of it with his misnamed “Freedom Day”…

… you must have reached it now, with Sajid Javid’s contradictory and nonsensical plan to battle the so-called Omicron Variant that has apparently arrived here from South Africa.

We know from experience that certain steps need to be taken to stop the spread of a new variant – especially one that is considered highly-infectious:

Travel from its countries of origin must be stopped (or at least severely restricted), and all visitors from those countries tested – before they have contact with anybody other than those who were on the plane (or whatever transport) with them. There’s none of that in Javid’s plan.

Working people should be told to work from home, rather than being forced to come to offices where the disease could be spread. Javid absolutely will not permit this, for reasons unknown. It won’t even harm the economy so what is his argument against it?

Everybody should go back to wearing masks in public places immediately. Javid said mask-wearing should resume on buses and in shops, but not elsewhere – and from Tuesday (November 30).

And of course schools should be masked up and ventilated, and all efforts made to ensure that children don’t catch and spread the virus in any form. We’re seeing no changes in schools at all.

Possibly the worst act of sabotage is the one the Tories pull all the time – creating a false division between “us” and “them”.

In this case, it seems our capitalist vaccine manufacturers decided that, having provided protection to the UK (and others, I’m sure), Johnny Foreigner could pay double and more.

Oh, and – as previously noted – a large number of vaccines were lost because they hit their “use by” date before they could be used.

As a result, developing countries have been much slower to vaccinate:

This doesn’t mean they have been more successful at stopping the spread of the virus – as some have insisted.

According to the BBC, high numbers of cases increase the risk of mutations, thereby increasing the risk of a mutation that leads to a new variant – because it has changed in a way that helps it survive.

So while the Omicron variant is likely to have come from a single “Patient Zero” who was unable to defeat the virus, it is likely to have been made possible by the virus infecting a large number of people; this particular person was just the one whose illness created a new threat.

So it is also important to take action now that will ensure that everybody is vaccinated against the virus and able to fight it. Sajid Javid has said and done nothing about this.

Meanwhile, the parade of Covid-19 nonsense continues to march across our TV and computer screens.

Andrew Marr, who should have known better, actually asked Health Secretary Sajid Javid whether Omicron was more transmissible than the others because “it transmits through the air” – just like every single form of Covid-19But most of the public will have heard this without engaging their brain to spot the error.

Of course the NHS is being ramped up with 50,000 new nurses – right? Wrong. Instead, Javid has announced “NHS Reserves” – a scheme to drag retired NHS staff back out to cover the gaps in care created by 11 years of Tory resource starvation and nearly two years of a deadly pandemic.

I think this plan is known as “Everybody get out and push”.

The NHS is, in fact, less well-equipped to fight Covid-19 than it was in March last year because Javid and his forerunner Matt Hancock have quietly closed 5,000 NHS beds in that time, with no explanation given.

Oh, and if you thought the Covid-19 gravy train had stopped rolling…

Put it all together and it seems unreasonable to ascribe this level of wrong-headedness to simple incompetence.

It’s a deliberate attempt to sabotage the fight against Covid-19, isn’t it? And just in time for Christmas.

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  1. Hecuba November 29, 2021 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    NHS Reserves??? Sajid Javid is uttering more fascist tory lies – there aren’t any NHS Reserves because all retired NHS staff will not want or desire to work for a fascist government which has treated them appallingly! I didn’t realise the NHS is another military organisation which has thousands of reservists available to call up on demand! But then fascist tories such as Javid know they can utter the most stupid nonsense and it will be accepted by us peasants as the truth!

    Over 5000 NHS beds have been eliminated in just the last six months because the fascist tories don’t want us peasants to enact our right to free medical care! Soon there won’t be any NHS hospital beds and all those patients suffering from the latest coronavirus mutation can all ‘die’ because the fascist tory government is not a ‘government’ it is a callous cruel and sadistic male dominant corporate business enterprise!

    Well what a surprise – the omicrom virus is transmitted by air unlike all other mutations of the coronavirus which are transmitted how??? Andrew Marr is so stupid he doesn’t realise he is parroting the fascist tory lies!

    Never mind we peasants are expendable – we don’t matter – what does matter is the fascist tories increasing their wealth because they have shares in the greedy male owned pharmaceutical industries who are swiftly increasing charges for PCR tests. Coronavirus was just what the greedy male owned corporate companies and fascist tories wanted – because it will ‘get rid’ of all those surplus non-humans who can’t work and/or are claiming state Retirement Pensions, leaving just exploitable labour slaves!

  2. Stu November 29, 2021 at 9:52 pm - Reply

    If you squint a little, Omicron becomes MORONIC – makes you wonder who chose that name…

  3. Stu November 29, 2021 at 10:09 pm - Reply

    On a more serious note, South Africans are a hardy breed and can live with TB, Malaria etc without all of them dropping down like flies.
    Like many weaker Europeans before me, I contracted TB from sharing the air in a large, well aired dorm that had an infected person – I now know the importance of wearing a mask.

    My point is that if hardier South Africans are being affected, it’s serious and our Government should sit up and take notice.

  4. El Dee November 30, 2021 at 3:38 am - Reply

    The PM’s mixed messages and his lack of action have cost lives in the real world. ‘Freedom Day’ was, as you say, unbridled stupidity. The stats tell the story – Scotland has kept all the restrictions in place that are now only being reintroduced and in fact has been stricter (working from home and mask wearing in pubs) Looking at the COVID Dashboard shows that the infection rate for TODAY is 50% higher in England, for this week approximately 30% and for the entire pandemic 15,278 per 100,000 compared to Scotland’s 13,263. This isn’t rocket science. It’s a failure of Boris to protect the populace and also of mixed Tory messages resulting in a lower vaccination rate. For England, second lowest (NI is the worst) 88.4% have had at least one vaccination and in Scotland (who happen to be highest on this and lowest on infections – possible link??) 90.9% have had at least one. It’s the same story for 2nd and booster jags. In some areas of the North of England it’s as low as 70% who have at least one vaccination. Attitudes to safety, returning to the office and vaccination have to change in the cabinet to encourage the public at large. Wales and Scotland have had effective campaigns on vaccination and are miles ahead of laggard NI who have performed worst of any UK area.

    His inaction will, no doubt, lead to a Christmas the same as last ie if you had to travel far to visit family, as in my case, Christmas was cancelled..

  5. Grey Swans November 30, 2021 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    South Africa is informing that Omicron did not start there, but was widespread around the world already.

    A lady in Belgium returned from Egypt with the Omicron variant.

    It is already on all the continents.

    I never stopped wearing mask in public spaces even though triple jabbed.

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