Will #BorisJohnson’s crackdown on #drugs and the people who’ve tried them include himself?

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Boris Johnson: he says he only took cocaine once.

Former cocaine user Boris Johnson reckons he’s going to crack down on drug use in the UK with measures affecting pushers and victims alike.

These include taking passports away from people who have tried – for example – cocaine, so people are asking the obvious questions:

For those who can’t read image files, he once told Piers Morgan he had taken cocaine aged 19 at Oxford but it didn’t affect him – and on Have I Got News For You, he expanded on this by saying he sneezed and the substance did not go up his nose: “I may have been doing icing sugar.”

Well, we don’t know that for sure, do we?

He told The Sun on Sunday: “Most of the crime driven by drugs is generated by 300,000 heroin and crack cocaine users — tragic people who have lost their way in life.”

That’s certainly true of Johnson himself, no matter how much of the drug he has take – or says he has.

He also said: “The country is ­littered with victims of what’s happened. We are going to look at new ways of penalising them.

“Things that will actually interfere with their lives so we will look at taking away passports and driving licences.”

So he’ll be penalising the victims of drug pushers? What a nasty man. Still, if he includes himself – by confiscating his own passport, perhaps – then at least we won’t be able to say he’s being unfair.

But we know – don’t we? – that this will be another instance of “one rule for us; a different rule for him”.

He can’t even get the story straight on the amount of harm drug use has caused.

He said: “I came in on a pledge to cut crime and it has come down quite a long way.”

Sorry – what?

Drug deaths in England and Wales are at their highest level since records began in 1993, with 4,561 people dying last year!

Perhaps Johnson had forgotten that, because of whatever substance was addling his mind during his Sun interview.

I wonder if the Downing Street Christmas parties have started yet?


  1. Hecuba December 6, 2021 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    Little fascist dictator duck johnson trying to be ‘a fan of whatever was fashionable and failing as usual!’ So duck johnson you can put your name at top of list wherein men will have their passports declared null and void!

    Typical fascist tory response – fascist dictator duck johnson claims he will target the female and male victims of drug traffickers because it is so much easier and less expensive than going to root of the problem. Oh and by the way he can start with sweeping his Parliament building for evidence of pandemic drug use!

  2. Jon Lisle-Summers December 6, 2021 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    Just to add… What does the PM think was occurring outside Wembley on the day of the Euro Finals? 6,000 booze/coke-frenzied rioters became too much for law & order to control…. Drug use going down?

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