#BorisJohnson’s #PlanB is a shambles. No wonder #Covid19 is skyrocketing

Standoff: the Tory government is at war with its own backbenchers over new measures to minimise the effect of Covid-19, that have been in place and working in Wales for many months.

This Writer has received notification of a Covid-19 booster injection appointment.

It’s on December 29. I had expected December 20, six months after my second vaccination, and then when Boris Johnson announced that seven weeks of injections were going to be crammed into three, I joked that I should have mine on Thursday (December 16).

But it seems I should be grateful to be having one at all – the only reason for it being that I live in Wales.

This is the mess that Keir Starmer told the nation was his “patriotic duty” to support.

You have a serious think about that.

Johnson only managed to get his back-of-a-fag-packet ideas for dealing with Omicron passed in Parliament because Starmer helped him unreservedly.

He could have demanded important guarantees and life-saving additions – like the increase in Statutory Sick Pay that would have made it possible for working people to take time off if struck down by the new variant, but he didn’t.

And he could have demanded proper measures for schools, including ventilation, but he didn’t.

The new measures are pretty much what we in Wales have already.

But here there are administered properly. I’m looking forward with trepidation to the chaos and anger when people realise they’ll be forced to show Covid passes for events at large venues. If they’re upset at putting a piece of cloth over their faces in most indoor public places, then they’re just selfish (face masks primarily protect other people, remember).

I disagree with mandatory vaccination for all NHS frontline staff. What people put into their bodies must be a matter of personal choice and it is unforgivable that politicians are forcing people to choose between what they think is right for themselves and their job helping others.

Significant numbers of Conservative MPs rebelled against all of the new measures – 98 against Covid passes, 63 against mandatory vaccination of NHS staff and 38 against face masks in public places.

If they thought these things were bad ideas on Tuesday, wait until they see how poorly Johnson enforces them!

And, of course, anybody deliberately refusing to follow the new rules has a mandate from the prime minister himself – who flouts Covid regulations whenever he feels like it. I understand he addressed a packed meeting of Tory backbenchers – sans face mask – before yesterday’s votes.

And Covid-19 cases are skyrocketing again with nearly 60,000 new cases discovered on the day Parliament held its debate.

Ultimately, it seems likely that these measures – which are only being imposed now to distract us from the Tory government’s flagrant breaches of its own rules with huge parties last Christmas while people were dying in their hundreds every day – will only increase calls for Johnson to quit politics, never to return.

That day can’t come soon enough.

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4 thoughts on “#BorisJohnson’s #PlanB is a shambles. No wonder #Covid19 is skyrocketing

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      “Do proper research”? As in “Read the same conspiracy theorists as me”?

      People are still dying of Omicron, it seems. I wouldn’t call that harmless.

  1. eviekb

    Mike, I think your hurried dismissal of ‘proper research’ is not just uncalled for, but actually quite dangerous.

    Cast your mind back 2 years – would you trust anything Pfizer (or any other big pharma co.) said? Answer, No – for good reason – they’ve been fined over $3 billion for criminal conduct. As for Moderna, they were going bankrupt towards the end of 2019, so, for some unknown reason they decided to put all the eggs into a mRNA ‘vaccine’ against a coronavirus which hadn’t even been isolated yet. And then they got their miracle.

    2/ Would you trust the Tories on anything else? No. so why do you swallow everything they say about Covid? The entire narrative, I mean. Do you understand that closing the borders in January 2020 would’ve stopped it even happening in the first place? Likewise, continuing with lockdown one until zero cases would’ve also stopped it – e.g. see what China have done. Life inside China is normal – people go out clubbing, for example.

    Leaving aside the ‘conspiracy theory’ that Sars-CoV2 was manufactured, it was certainly allowed to become a pandemic. And then the western leaders conducted a social experiment – that’s not a conspiracy theory, you only need to examine their actions. They have clearly demonstrated how easy it is to control a population’s thinking and behaviour by fear. It’s granted them ’emergency powers’ (like Palpatine in Star Wars), which believe me they will not give up.

    I also wish you’d stop calling these people incompetent. Evil is never incompetent, that’s what they want you to think. Believe me, they know exactly what they’re doing (especially with all the dead cats).

    Finally, I’ve been translating cutting edge medical research documents for 20 years and there is no way I would ever willingly let anyone jab me with this experimental, inadequately tested, unsafe and ineffective mRNA formulation. From my knowledge I would hypothesise that the reason it’s ineffective is because it triggers your own body’s cells to produce the most harmful part of the virus (the spike protein) – this means the body’s natural immune system doesn’t recognise it as a foreign substance in the same way as natural infection would. So yes, you do have a greater titre of neutralising antibodies until the mRNA lipid nanoparticle finally breaks down (up to 6 months), but you don’t get memory B-cells, so no lasting immunity. Natural immunity comes from these memory cells.

    So, obviously I’ve done my own research, and that’s my two pence worth. Of course, getting your jabs is your own choice, but I do wonder how many boosters it will take before enough people start to ask enough questions?

    Good luck, anyway!

    And I do enjoy your writing, so don’t misjudge me on that score…

  2. eviekb

    Another thing to add. If I were you I would ask your GP about the possibility of getting Novavax or Valneva, both of which should be far safer, as they are more akin to traditional vaccines. Even the wikipedia entries for these provide useful info. The main point about both of these is that the body would recognise it as a foreign substance, thus engaging your entire immune system and hopefully producing memory B-cells. Remember also that memory B-cells ‘remember’ variations of a pathogen, thus pre-empting mutations. This is one reason why natural immunity (following infection) is so much more effective and long-lasting. Also, if you’ve ever had a coronavirus cold then you will have a degree of cross-immunity.

    Both Novavax and Valneva, however, can only be accessed via a trial, but even so, I would definitely forego the mRNA booster and wait.

    In the meantime keep dosing yourself up with vitamin D. I myself as well as daily doses have a 3-monthly megadose (20,000 IU) – everyone in northern climes should get this, especially in winter. I would imagine this would especially apply for Mrs Mike, as I believe she falls into the vulnerable category?

    So, whichever brand you do decide to go far, please do give yourself a megadose the day before your jab – this will really, really help…

    Best wishes…

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