Apology for #KeirStarmer over #JimmySavile slur? Where’s HIS apology to #JeremyCorbyn?

Johnson and Starmer: Johnson’s jibe about Jimmy Savile was wrong – but Starmer would be a hypocrite to demand an apology while he continues to make false accusations against Jeremy Corbyn.

Boris Johnson was under pressure today to apologise to Keir Starmer for claiming that the Labour leader refused to prosecute child abuser Jimmy Savile when he was Director of Public Prosecutions.

It would be absolutely right for Johnson to do so; there is no evidence that Starmer had anything to do with that wrong decision, as those who were present at the time acknowledge:

However, some are saying it is poetic justice that Starmer is getting some of his own medicine after he has spent more than a year lying about former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

They say – rightly, in This Writer’s opinion – that Starmer should only receive any apology from Johnson after he has apologised for the years of false accusations of anti-Semitism and support for terrorism that have been wrongly heaped on Mr Corbyn by himself and others within Labour.

It would be hypocrisy for him – and his supporters – to demand amends for an offence that they themselves merrily continue to commit against someone else.