Why won’t #BorisJohnson say he’ll resign if his rigged investigation still finds he broke #Covid19 laws?

Laughing at us: Boris Johnson grinned inanely and bobbed about on his bench while MPs attacked his contempt for the rules and denials of guilt, before Parliament went into recess. What is he planning that we don’t know?

I was going to use video of this interview but instead I decided to spare you the agony.

Here’s the gist:

BBC News has elaborated a little:

Mr Johnson was pressed several times on the subject by Sophie Raworth in an interview for BBC One’s Sunday Morning Programme. She asked whether he understood why so many people found his on-the-record explanations – including that he believed he was only attending work events – “implausible”.

Mr Johnson said: “There is literally not a bean I can tell you about that.”

He was asked if he was “burying” his “head in the sand” as he was being investigated by the police, had MPs calling on him to resign and might face a no-confidence vote.

Mr Johnson replied: “I am fortunate to live in a democracy. I am fortunate to be the PM of a free independent democratic country where people can take that sort of decision, and where I do face that sort of pressure, that’s a wonderful thing.”

If Johnson does live in a democracy, many would say he’s the only one in the UK to have that privilege. Millions of us would love to have a vote on whether he gets to remain as prime minister – but he knows how it would go and is probably counting his lucky stars that there’s no mechanism to allow us that choice.

It seems, though, that he has no intention of following the rules. If he is found to have attended even one lockdown-busting party, then he will have intentionally lied to Parliament and the law will demand his resignation.

So the question is, how will he pervert our customs in order to continue inflicting himself on us?