Why are Tory MPs supporting Johnson when the public overwhelmingly HATE him?

It probably isn’t him but it gets the message across: in a national poll, Boris Johnson has been described as an “utter anus” by at least one respondent. And he’s whipping his MPs to pretend there’s no reason for an inquiry into whether he was dishonest to them…

The Labour Party has secured a vote to decide whether a Commons committee should investigate if criminal prime minister Boris Johnson misled Parliament when he said he adhered to all Covid-19 laws despite attending at least one lockdown-busting party.

Sadly, it seems unlikely to achieve anything as all Conservative MPs are likely to be placed under a three-line whip, ordering them to reject the move in a clearly corrupt attempt to avoid evidence revealing that Johnson deliberately lied.

Ironically, the public have already made up their collective mind: the overwhelming majority of us know a lying criminal when we see one, and that’s how we describe the despicable habitual lawbreaker Boris Johnson.

poll by JLPartners found that just 16 per cent of people would use positive language to describe the prime minister with more than 70 per cent characterising him in negative terms.

Voters were asked to describe the prime minister, with the most frequent description being that he is a ‘liar’ – followed by ‘incompetent’ and ‘untrustworthy’.

Other words used regularly by voters to describe the PM include “idiot” and “buffoon”, while one voter described him as an “utter anus”.

Let’s hope that catches on; I certainly would like to see Johnson described as an “utter anus” wherever he goes.

Amazingly, according to the BBC a majority of Conservative MPs haven’t yet caught on that the rest of us think their leader is an “utter anus”, and are set to support him on Thursday’s vote, as they did during Tuesday’s debate.

One gets the feeling that, by then, Johnson may need the three-line whip he is inflicting on them – otherwise they may act on information received between now and then and vote to dump him.

Doesn’t it say everything about this corrupt criminal liar, “idiot”, “buffoon” and, indeed, “utter anus” that he needs to coerce his own MPs into standing by him?