Liz Truss SAYS she’s trying to beat the cost-of-living crisis – but she isn’t

Liz Truss: another idea that she’s pretending is one thing while it’s actually completely different.

Here’s a potential truth bomb from Maximilien Robespierre on YouTube: Liz Truss has said she wants to help people beat the cost-of-living crisis but in fact it seems she’s just trying to cut VAT.

Here’s the clip:

So she wants us to think she can save families £1,300 per year by cutting all VAT by five per cent – but to achieve that, families would have to spend more than £30,000 on items on which VAT is levied.

Who does that – apart from the very rich?

And she reckons it would help businesses, even though it won’t affect the tenfold increase in their fuel bills. Many firms have already decided to close or suspend operations until real support is presented by the government.

Finally, the cut would take £38 billion out of the government’s hands every year (yes, I know – taxation takes money out of the economy altogether, rather than recycling it back in, but it also allows a government leeway to put the same amount back into public spending if it so desires).

And it would not help people on low incomes in any way because most of their expenses – apart from gas – are VAT-exempt. 

3 thoughts on “Liz Truss SAYS she’s trying to beat the cost-of-living crisis – but she isn’t

  1. lizfountainbridge

    The only function of VAT applied discriminately without regard to ability to pay is a way of getting tzx revenue out of people eithout enough income to pay tax. Too many essentials attract it, like essential repairs and renovations to property. And VAT on utilities is an obscenity.

  2. kateuk

    Help is always there for the rich. That’s what the Tories do. They just spin it to make everyone else think it will help them too.

  3. James

    I know one shouldn’t make judgments based on personal appearance, but sometimes the personal appearance matches the character reality so well that it’s difficult not to. When I see a picture of the Truss woman that Sex Pistols song always comes irresistibly to mind – ‘Pretty Vacant’. She does so look the part (and the ‘pretty’ bit is merely a modifier, in this case standing in for ‘very’!).

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