Why are people petitioning to remove Schofield and Willoughby from their TV presenting job?

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One can’t help feeling there’s some malice behind the “queue jump” saga involving Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

The This Morning presenters have been accused of jumping the queue to attend the body of the late Queen Elizabeth II as she lay in state in Westminster Hall – a queue that, at one point, it would have taken 14 hours to traverse.

But it seems to This Writer that they were just doing their job – reporting on the event for viewers of their show. They had press passes and were accorded the same access as others who were covering it. And of course, they were there because their producers had told them to go.

Yet a petition demanding their removal as presenters has hit 55,000 signatures.

Here’s a video clip about the controversy:

Personally, I’m sure they have done much more questionable things on their show – supporting Boris Johnson in some of his more idiotic moments springs to mind. Why couldn’t they be pilloried for that?

Source: ITV This Morning fans’ petition to ‘axe’ Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield reaches milestone – Manchester Evening News


  1. disabledgrandad September 23, 2022 at 9:54 pm - Reply

    Show me the footage then?

    Nope you was suckered they were filming earlier in the day. They finished work then were ushered into this VIP lane after work. Not during work not for any program as there was no film crew or even press camera photo with them. All just so they could say they had attended. That is why people are so upset this BS line is one of half a dozen different so called explanations given by this pair.

    Simple question if they had done no wrong then why the first thing they did was ask for a lawyer and PR assistance? That’s there is the whoops were busted get us out of it… Next we had a non apology, then were working. Nope you was not and lastly there distraught and need help possible going to hurt ourselves again again all PR BS designed to protect the client.

    Common Mike you know the damn game!

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