Johnson ally resigns as an MP. Who’s next?

Nigel Adams: he’s said to be a Boris Johnson ally – at least, that’s the reason we’re being given for his sudden resignation as an MP.

So it is an exodus, then.

Here‘s the BBC:

Nigel Adams, MP for Selby and Ainsty, has stood down but did not say why.

Mr Adams, a Cabinet Office minister without portfolio under Mr Johnson’s government, had previously announced he would not be standing at the next general election – but has now brought that decision forward.

In a tweet announcing he was going immediately he said Selby Conservatives had selected a new parliamentary candidate on Friday.

It means there will be another by-election. That’s three the Tories have to manage since the beginning of Friday, including Johnson, Nadine Dorries, and now Mr Adams, who is said to have been a Johnson ally.

The Conservatives can ill afford to waste time, money and effort on by-elections when they’re struggling with the economy, the cost of living, and public opinion.

And who knows how many more resignations there will have been by Monday morning?


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  1. Hecuba

    Hahah fascist tories deserting their rotten corrupt little party! Never mind I’m certain wealthy fascist tory donors will rush to donate millions to ensure the fascist tory candidates win their by election seats! Can’t have fascist tory dictatorship crumbling can we?

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