Read this – on why Israel’s crusade against Hamas may be pointless

Between bombardments: this is northern Gaza. It looks terrible – but it seems Israel has failed to cause significant damage to Hamas.

This fascinating ‘X’ thread sheds a lot of interesting light on Israel’s tactics and behaviour in its war against Gaza, that was set to restart on November 27.

Read the thread and let This Writer know if you agree with its conclusions.

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So: not only has Israel’s campaign against Hamas failed to achieve any of its objectives, but it has actually enhanced that organisation’s reputation, both domestically and abroad.

So: Mossad is probably the worst intelligence agency in the developed world. This confirms a warning I gave to my buddies down the pub – that if Mossad agents were standing directly behind me, trying to assassinate me, everybody in front of me would be dead before I was.

So: Mossad’s domestic counterpart, Shin Bet, failed to detect what Hamas was doing under its nose; unsurprising, if it managed to confuse the head of Hezbollah (Hizballah?) with a greengrocer.

So: After 50 days, none of Hamas’s most important functions have been significantly degraded. Israel’s lack of effectiveness is demonstrated by a minister’s comment that it may use a nuclear weapon there.

So: Israel has attacked civil society in order to pressurise Hamas.

So: Israel’s strategy of slaughtering children and depriving an entire society of its basic necessities has not worked, and may result in disaster for that country, as it did for Nazi Germany in Russia, for example.

So: Israel has killed more UN staff, journalists and medical personnel than Hamas.

So: Israel’s sponsors in the United States and Europe are getting increasingly cold feet, realising that Israel’s conduct is damaging their interests in the Middle East.


Do you think the facts fit the thesis above?

Let us know.

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5 thoughts on “Read this – on why Israel’s crusade against Hamas may be pointless

  1. Brian

    Hamas carry the soul of every Palestinian, Israel can not destroy Hamas without the genocide of every Palestinian, that is their only option, and their aim.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I don’t agree.

      Israel could put an end to Hamas very easily – by adopting a two-state solution and restoring the 1967 borders; in other words, withdrawing from the occupied Palestinian territories. Give Palestine back to Palestine and Hamas has no reason to fight.

  2. El Dee

    This is all true BUT Netenyahu is ONLY playing to the gallery of the Israeli voting public. He promised to ‘bring the hostages home’ as well and this is something that now looks achievable. If he brings them home and doesn’t restart hostilities he has achieved that aim and will, no doubt, claim that most of the 20,000 dead were actually Hamas. It doesn’t need to be true, what Israeli paper would dare disagree? Netanyahu has more reasons than most to wish to remain in office after all.

    If hostilities DO end now then the US, EU, UK etc can all turn their backs again having us believe that it’s ended due to ‘behind the scenes pressure’ without acknowledging the war crimes committed. The more the deaths pile up the harder it gets to pretend this isn’t happening. ITV News tonight had an interview with a doctor who saw white phosphorous burns on Palestinians first hand and called it out as a War Crime. For this interview to be aired is a massive sea change in the attitudes of UK broadcasters..

  3. Stu

    I honestly believe Mouin Rabbani’s intelligent opinion as well as your summary and conclusion, although I do agree with many Journalists who say Hammas is an “Ideal” not an actual Organisation, so how can it be destoyed?
    (I have also avoided posting any WW2 comparisons, even though many are patently obvious.)

    Consider those Palestinians returning home during the “CEASEFIRE” for warmer clothing etc.. discovering that their whole neighbourhood has been reduced to brick dust and charcoal – do you honestly believe that they will think “Ah Well, never mind, it’s just one of those things” ?

    Also seeing the happy troops returning to Israel smiling for the cameras using the “Peace” gesture with both hands, that says a lot about how THEY feel……

    A lesson from History –
    Palestinians had very little before and have even less now… “Your most dangerous, Fiercest Enemy is one who has nothing left to lose….”

  4. Doug

    I’ll say this upfront before I’m accused, as many others have been, of something that is absolutely untrue. I am not anti-semitic or being anti-semitic. I fully support a Jewish homeland. I also fully support a Palestinian homeland. Either there is a functioning peaceful two state solution, or there is a very real danger of a no state solution.

    The madness has to end. Israel has become a rogue nation with Netanyahu at the helm. This insane attempt at genocide may well be what finally destroys it. For every “terrorist” they kill another two pop up, for every civilian they kill another ten terrorists are created, for every child they murder a hundred more terrorists are born. Israel has always been an unwanted neighbour for almost all of the Arab nations. They may have a (fragile) relationship with some of them, the longer this goes the bigger a problem it will be for those states. Their own citizens many of whom don’t approve of Israel as it is, will make life difficult for their own governments. A couple of regime changes, a few incursions into Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, or even Saudi, or (more) beligerant Iran and it won’t just be Gaza that is burning. When it comes down to those oil producing Arab states will have the US literally over a barrel.

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