Right-wing extremists are trying to exploit claims of anti-Semitism and racism. Don’t let them

Dis-influencers: they try to flood the media and social media with falsehoods, to blind you to the facts.

Howdy, Mike Sivier

Is this the new theme of UK politics – projecting one’s own behaviour onto others?

This Writer has already mentioned it in connection with the behaviour of BBC reporters at the Rochdale by-election count.

But it also seems to be gripping our political classes, who are trying to get us to believe that Jewish people across the UK are living in fear of Nazi-style persecution – when it is they who seem desperate to impose it on all of us.

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So we are being spoon-fed reports the like of which Aaron Winter discusses below:

He’s right on the button. The article states:

Jewish people in Britain say they are considering leaving the country as it “feels like Nazi Germany”, amid a surge in antisemitic incidents since the 7 October Hamas massacre in Israel.

Physical attacks, threats and accusations of “slaughtering babies” are among the incidents suffered by terrified residents, after recent figures showed more than 4,000 reports of antisemitism last year.

The number of Islamophobic incidents in the UK has also soared.

How many of these alleged incidents have been investigated by police? Where are the figures showing how many of them were found to have actually taken place? And why have those figures not been reported?

Answer: because none of them have. They are simply claims that have been made and then bandied about by pressure groups like the so-called Community Security Trust, in order to heighten fear among the public and boost support for their own political ends.

CST is getting £54 million of public money from Rishi Sunak, on the basis of nothing more than hearsay.

The Independent reports two alleged anti-Semitic incidents – but one-sidedly. Only the claims of the alleged victims are put forward and we hear nothing from the people they accuse. That is not balanced reporting.

And other Jews are furious:

The Independent also reports that the Board of Deputies of British Jews condemned George Galloway’s Rochdale by-election win as a “dark day” for the UK’s Jewish community – but consider this:

Meanwhile, other Jews are suffering abuse and intimidation from the self-appointed representatives and organisations claiming to represent all Jews in the UK, who want to prevent their fellows from expressing any support for the people of Palestine who are suffering a genocide at the hands of the government and military of Israel, the country that presents itself as the nation-state of the Jewish people:

The knock-on effect is that organisations speaking up for the persecuted Palestinians are themselves being persecuted – here in the UK.

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg has echoed the comments of Lord Walney, formerly the Labour MP John Woodcocksuggested that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign should be de-platformed – its voice silenced among the media and political classes:

Woodcock (or Walney if you like) left Labour under a cloud after one of his former staff members said he had sent her inappropriate text messages between 2014 and 2016. The allegations were never fully investigated.

This Writer agrees. It seems improper to trumpet this man’s allegations about others while ignoring the fact that he has unexamined allegations against himself. How can we believe anything he says?

Also resurfacing as a consequence of the claims of anti-Semitism is Islamophobia; if anti-Semitism is said to be rising because of the way Israel has carried out its assault on Gaza, then it is also being claimed that Muslims are acting in solidarity with their fellows in that land – with violence; and that has triggered a wave of anti-Muslim feeling.

We see it in the resurgence of the long-debunked trope of “no-go” areas in our towns and cities, where it is claimed nobody is welcome who is not a Muslim. It isn’t true – but notice that politicians representing these areas seem to be conspicuously absent from the debates:

Open Democracy puts its finger on what is really happening:

The fears about antisemitism, particularly in relation to such marches and solidarity, are being stoked by political figures and the media. This was evident when former home secretary Suella Braverman called ceasefire protests “hate marches”.

We need to … address fears; challenge misconceptions, misrepresentations and politicisation; and fight antisemitism itself, instead of targeting and delegitimising critics of Israel and the fight against other racisms, occupation and genocide.

The author, who is clearly Jewish, expresses joy at Jewish participation in pro-Palestine activities:

Something that gives me hope, however, has been the solidarity expressed by communities around the world – among them Jewish groups such as If Not Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, Na’amod, the Black-Jewish Alliance, and Jewdas.

On the one hand, our presence in these movements as Jewish people can help offset accusations that opposition to Israel is antisemitic. On the other, many of us are accused of being self-hating, kapos, Judenrats, and not Jewish anyway.

And JINOs, apparently.

And, of course, opposing Israel does not become antisemitic just because someone who is not Jewish does it.

The accusation of genocide directed at Israel is framed by critics as antisemitism or even Holocaust minimisation. This not only serves genocide denial and spits in the face of the promise ‘Never Again’, but also corresponds to the redemption of the Nazis and the actual minimisation of the Holocaust.

So instead of the UK becoming like Nazi Germany because of anti-Semitism alleged against people who want to see Palestine supported before Israel destroys it completely, it is becoming like Nazi Germany because of the behaviour of the Zionist organisations, media outlets and politicians who are supporting Israel.

They are simply projecting their own abhorrent behaviour onto others – making it seem that it is their opponents who are the wrong-doers and not them.

What is to be done about it?

The first choice is obvious: you simply don’t believe what the pro-Zionist, anti-Palestinian mob are saying, from Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer down to the keyboard warriors on the social media.

Beyond that, it should be our responsibility to do to them what they so keenly wish to do to those of us who are trying to present the facts: we should do what we can to remove them from public life.

That is most easily done with politicians. We’ve seen the upset that George Galloway’s election as MP for Rochdale has caused – and there is a general election coming.

Keir Starmer’s blind support for Israel, in the face of video evidence of that country’s military slaughtering children, has been particularly nauseating.

There is an excellent candidate standing against him – and for peace in Gaza – in his Holborn & St Pancras constituency.

Everybody there should vote for Andrew Feinstein. Those of us in other constituencies should look for the candidates who also oppose the right-wing, pro-Zionist dogma that we’re being force-fed, and do our best to get them into the House of Commons too.

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