Should Cameron resign as Foreign Secretary over legal advice that Israel is breaking international law?

David Cameron’s new lease of political life as Foreign Secretary may be about to come to a sticky end, if this is true:

According to the article, ex-FO and MoD official Alicia Kearns has said the Tory government’s legal advisors have confirmed that Israel is breaking international law in Gaza – meaning the UK should have ceased arms sales to that country.

But the government has sat on the advice, refusing to make it public and absolutely not doing anything to stop arms sales, it seems.

The article states:

The revelation will place Lord Cameron and prime minister Rishi Sunak under intense pressure because any such legal advice would mean the UK had to cease all arms sales to Israel without delay.

Legal experts said that not to do so would risk putting the UK in breach of international law itself, as it would be seen as aiding and abetting war crimes by a country it was exporting arms to.

Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy has made his view clear:

The X post continues:

I didn’t get a clear answer. This raises serious questions about whether the government is complying with its own law. David Cameron and Rishi Sunak must now clean and publish the legal advice they have received.

Sadly, Lammy is tarred by the Labour Party’s own support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza – support which has only been withdrawn very recently and reluctantly.

Labour recently sabotaged a SNP motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, in order to remove language critical of Israel and insert wording allowing Israel to carry out such a ceasefire at its own convenience.

More solid, perhaps, is the condemnation of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

Will this become a huge headache for a Tory government that is desperate to support the Gaza genocide (without being seen to support war crimes)? Or will it mysteriously go away amid mass media pretences of ignorance?

Watch this space.


  1. Keith Roberts April 2, 2024 at 9:55 am - Reply

    Even Larry the cat knows that the UK government’s behaviour has been, at least, sleazy and, almost certainly, illegal since October. The pressure that it has put on the hapless BBC to adhere to the Government line is wholly immoral and that has been the case since October, even this weekend R4 News talked about the war starting in October. I know that we are just following orders from the White House but the US is a serial War Criminal but the Tories, supported by Labour, are pretending that we are exercising our national sovereignty on the genocide in Palestine.

  2. Stu April 2, 2024 at 12:16 pm - Reply

    As ever, it’s a case of following the money.
    Love, Kindness, Understanding and Peacefully living together only creates Harmony which is unprofitable to the Greedy.
    War on the other hand is extremely lucrative to those with a stake in arms manufacturers.

    All other Political talk is simply “hot air”, it’s the Money that takes precident always.

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