Aid airstrike backlash? MPs start disowning Labour Friends of Israel

Are members of Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) disowning it because of Israel’s airstrike against an aid convoy on April 1?

That’s the conclusion that some are drawing from posts like this, from Angela Eagle on X. Take notice of the community note on the end:

What makes a person a member of LFI, then? There seems to be some confusion.

Some are happy to accept that being a “Parliamentary supporter” (whatever that is) is enough, although some have requested (but not received at the time of writing) clarification:

Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has her listed as a member, and nobody has edited that out:

One is led to question whether Ms Eagle is running for (metaphorical) cover after Israel’s shocking airstrike.

If so, it’s too little, too late. She did not have a problem being associated with LFI in the past and voters should judge her on that record.

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