DWP psych ‘test’ devised by US ‘torture guru’

Regular readers of this blog will know that the Skwawkbox blog has been exposing the secrets of a bogus online personality test, run by the DWP. The latest revelation is that it was devised by an American expert in psychological torture.
This is chilling material, and evidence that the Conservative/Liberal Democrat administration absolutely does NOT have the best interests of its citizens at heart.
What kind of government knowingly and premeditatedly inflicts psychological torture on the most vulnerable people in the country?
That might be something worth mulling over, before the next time you vote (which will be next month, for some of you).

8 thoughts on “DWP psych ‘test’ devised by US ‘torture guru’

  1. skwalker1964

    This isn’t showing a ‘like’ button for some reason, but consider this ‘liked’ very much! We don’t have local elections this time around (apart from a by-election for a council seat or two) but I hope and expect we’ll see a serious slap in the face for the crooks and scoundrels currently ‘running’ the country!

  2. Fiona Gregory

    It does not seem too bad to me. I got a positive response but then I am of average intelligence.

    1. Ephemerid

      Doesn’t matter what you say or how intelligent you are, Fiona.
      You will get the same response every time – I did it 3 times with different answers and my “strengths” remain the same and totally unlike me in real life.
      The point of this is to find yet another thing to force claimants to sign up to and if they don’t spend 30 hours a week trying to meet the directions they get punished.
      It’s just more vicious nonsense to beat people with.

      1. scarecrow78

        Agreed – and this is just a taste of what we can look forward to in the future. Once the 35 hour per week requirement comes in for claimants all of those unfortunate to be claiming benefits will be forced to undertake an endless cycle of “activities” that can be arbitrarily mandated by advisors. Worse, few if any of these will actually make anyone genuinely more “work ready”, and there will be little if any real training.

        The Tories have enthusiastically picked up Labour’s “nudge” ball and are now running with it full pelt, and the low-level psychological warfare waged by the DWP will only get worse.

    2. Paul

      I answered as negatively as possible eg uninterested in new things, dislike change etc got a similar result to just clicking through the questions without answering.

    3. Workhouse

      @ Fiona Gregory you said……..

      “It does not seem too bad to me. I got a positive response but then I am of average intelligence.”

      Perhaps I have got the wrong end of the stick, are you suggesting that those who are not of “average intelligence” simply can not understand it? Are you suggesting that only only those of “average intelligence” are capable of getting a positive response? Trollololll. I have seen a few of your previous posts all of them disingenuous!

      1. Ephemerid

        Ho hum.

        I am of above “average intelligence” and have an alphabet soup of letters after my name – doesn’t make me special.

        I am very pleased for Fiona, as she seems to have spectacularly missed the point and is clearly pleased to have been manipulated into thinking she’s quite clever and it’s all jolly positive.

        I would very much like to meet the adviser who attempts to tell me that I need to work on my strengths of positive thinking (with clinical depression) or whatever else this joke assessment throws up.

        The quality and validity of the questionnaire, dubious though it is, is not the point. The point is giving yet another sanctionable set of hoops for the claimant to jump through on pain of destitution.

        But you and I know that, Workhouse. Poor Fiona. Have pity.

        As you were…..

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