Man Jailed After Comments Made In Atos Assessment

The Atos merry-go-round spins us into Hell again: This story is absolutely chilling. A man with serious medical conditions has been jailed – that’s right, JAILED – after an Atos work capability assessment. Read the story and quake in fear at the totalitarian regime that used to be the World leader in equality, justice and freedom of speech.

7 thoughts on “Man Jailed After Comments Made In Atos Assessment

  1. Jane Canning

    This government are scum. They have created a climate in which they can goad us to commit offences. It’s like they want enough of us in their private prisons to solve the housing crisis. Surely there must be grounds to oust them on a vote of no confidence. The opposition are a disgrace letting them get away with it.

  2. Brian Robinson

    I wonder how many “deadlier than the male” element were involved in making the decision to jail a sick man? I think Orwell got the gender wrong…

  3. mark hill

    thats nothing when they put the bid in they listed a number of charities and health firms and they only found out in the last couple of days that they were on the list then atos contacted them out of around 5 or 6 only 1 said they would talk to them.

  4. vince032013

    Things might be about to get a lot worse. The government are now planning on reforming the criminal justice system. Highlights are 1. Suspects in the police station will not be able to choose a solicitor. They will be appointed one. 2. the number of solicitors firms is to be reduced by 75% (that’s not a typo – 75%). 3. the reduction in the number of solicitors is to be achieved by putting criminal work out to tender. 4. the bidders are not allowed to bid at over 82.5% of the current cost of running a criminal case. 5. The consultation which has introduced this idea states in terms that it does not want solicitors to offer any more than an “acceptable” level of service to suspects. 6. Once charged defendants may be represented in court by someone with no Crown Court trial experience (and will not be able to exercise a choice to change that representative). If you’re interested read the consultation here

    and if you don’t like it sign this petition

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