4 thoughts on “Council tax: Huge queues outside courts as thousands prosecuted over arrears

  1. DwrCymru

    All councils will claim back the costs. not sure how they are going to collect it from those who have no money to begin with though.I guess it’s “Conservative” thinking, they (the MP’s) can afford it so should everyone else,

    We, the people of this once great nation are being walked upon by snobby, ultra rich, never earned a decent days pay, politicians, and we do nothing about it. I’m not sure what the solution is, millions not showing up for work, refusing to go shopping once a week, use less energy? The only way this lot will realise that we mean business is to affect their shareholder profits, money speaks volumes, reduce their income and the roof will blow off the buildings the use to hire poorly paid workers to make millions in profit.

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