From: Kitty Jones’ Blog: Essential information for ESA claims, assessments and appeals

Here’s some material that comes around every so often and is always useful when it does – essential info for ESA claims, assessments and appeals. Read if you’re about to have one (and read if you’re not – so you know what it’s like).

7 thoughts on “From: Kitty Jones’ Blog: Essential information for ESA claims, assessments and appeals

  1. kittysjones

    I am so glad to see this so widely shared and hope that it will be useful for everyone facing the persecution of the Atos assessment. It was written by 2 people who have undergone more than one assessment,and used information about the WCA from an ex-employee of Atos, who has since also undergone assessment herself.

    For those not facing assessment, this serves as an accurate account of what those of us who are actually face. It is quite easy to understand how such strain and stress, harassment and loss of dignity quite often exacerbates people’s illness, and has contributed to the deaths and suicides of almost 11,000 people, to date, once you see what Atos is really about: denying disability and removing lifeline benefits for the most vulnerable citizens

      1. kittysjones

        Oh yes,,it was 10,600 by November 2011, as you say. No data, via FOI or otherwise, since. Anyone would think the DWP are hiding something….

      2. Mike Sivier

        Do you know, you’re right!

        It’s just as though they don’t WANT open government, with information available to everybody, whenever they want it!

        Wasn’t that a Coalition promise, though? To have the most open government ever?

      3. kittysjones

        Yes, that’s what they promised – open and accountable.But this is a government that says that the welfare “reforms” (CUTS) will help some of the poorest families out of poverty. I mean, just how does taking money off poor people make them less poor??

        The same government says it “incentivises” the unemployed into work, and “helps” them. That translates as “takes all of their lifeline benefits from the unemployed and punishes them with starvation, destitution and pauperisation.” Hmmm. Call me a slow psych grad, Mike, but I never saw a theory that endorses that view – that vicious punishment and theft increases anyone’s motivation.

        Maslow said the opposite.If people are left to struggle for basic survival they won’t be capable of anything else. Maslow was a humanist. The tories are …well…the opposite of that. Clearly.

        And bloody liars!

  2. Tina Davidson

    Your advice was invaluable . Thank you Kitty Jones. The HCP that did my assessment not only omitted information he also fabricated information . I have been to tribunal and was told by the judge and the doctor that they had no reason to question the HCP ,from ATOS, report. Within 45 minutes I have been awarded 18 points, ATOS awarded me 0 points, The whole systems is wrong !!! When I first found out about the ESA I was happy, I wasn’t dumped on the ‘ reject pile ‘ anymore, but I feel like everyone claiming ‘Incapacity Benefit ‘ , are obviously defrauding the country, and are claiming under ‘false pretenses ‘, in otherwords, you are guilty unless you can prove otherwise, no matter what your doctor or consultant says!!! This needs to be addressed, reviewed and taken VERY seriously !!! People are losing their lives.

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