3 thoughts on ““Shout louder”? Labour, your voice should be audible from Space!

  1. billgarnett2012

    this period of Labour silence has been a god send to the condems….it seems as if Labour are overly worried about counter accusations…party of rampant spending, causation of financial crisis/age of austerity, reckless warmongers committing the country to Iraq and Afghanistan, aiders of the shirkers, enemies of the workers and welath creators… this has to stop…a coherent narrative needs to be developed now, and become deafening by the time the election process is truly underway…the Labour party needs to move onto the offensive

  2. Finn McCann

    Why are Labour politicians not articulating LOUDLY what their followers are telling them? Whom do they represent. We all know the weak link couldn’t organise a coherent strategy & spell it out loudly. The world doesn’t exactly stop when he does string a few sentences together

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