2 thoughts on “Backlash To Benefit Bashing Is Only Just Beginning

  1. Nick

    excellent news just in that all of those that died in Hillsborough: Organisations could face manslaughter charges as i expected and the same will happen to IDS and co at a later date for all of the sick and disabled that have died in their hundreds by the negligence of the DWP/ATOS

    All of their names of those that have died need to be processed and a remembrance day to be announced so that the many thousands of relatives and friends can come together once a years to pay there respects for the loved ones they’ve lost

    more can be found here on the Hillsborough enquiry

    1. Nick

      Jon Stoddart said he was looking at the actions of South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield Wednesday FC, Sheffield City Council and the FA.

      The retired officer said they were all being investigated for possible gross negligence manslaughter.

      His team has found new evidence while going through thousands of documents.

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