According to a personal Facebook friend (as opposed to a friend of Vox Political), “policy has to be evidence based. The Tories justified the Bedroom Tax by claiming it would make savings to the housing benefit bill, and would reallocate social housing according to ‘need’. Of course we know that’s b*****ks, but justification has to be given all the same. Labour are obliged to justify any change to policy, also, and to cost it too. It’s part of the law, and part of Parliamentary process, not to mention a democratic safeguard in principle… it can’t happen on the basis of ‘common sense’ alone.”
I am disturbed at how quick everybody has been to jump in and berate Labour FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING! At this time it is exactly right for Labour to announce it would rid the country of the bedroom tax, and in my opinion the idea of using it as an excuse to tax hedge funds and get rid of the equally-despicable shares-for-workers’-rights scheme is a work of genius.
Long-time friend of Vox Political, Smiling Carcass, doesn’t see it this way. What do you think of the argument presented here?