“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

According to a personal Facebook friend (as opposed to a friend of Vox Political), “policy has to be evidence based. The Tories justified the Bedroom Tax by claiming it would make savings to the housing benefit bill, and would reallocate social housing according to ‘need’. Of course we know that’s b*****ks, but justification has to be given all the same. Labour are obliged to justify any change to policy, also, and to cost it too. It’s part of the law, and part of Parliamentary process, not to mention a democratic safeguard in principle… it can’t happen on the basis of ‘common sense’ alone.”
I am disturbed at how quick everybody has been to jump in and berate Labour FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING! At this time it is exactly right for Labour to announce it would rid the country of the bedroom tax, and in my opinion the idea of using it as an excuse to tax hedge funds and get rid of the equally-despicable shares-for-workers’-rights scheme is a work of genius.
Long-time friend of Vox Political, Smiling Carcass, doesn’t see it this way. What do you think of the argument presented here?

5 thoughts on ““The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  1. Mick

    My big worry is that Labour ( like MOST of the others ) have a huge record of LYING about what they are going to do when elected and then onece safely elected completely and covienently forgetting ALL of their pre election promises and carrying on “business as usual” n just dumping on every one that was foolish enough to BELIVE and vote for them!!!

    How do you know when a politician is lying? His lips are moving!!
    A sad old joke but just so very very true!

    1. Mike Sivier

      The problem with that attitude is that it promotes the status quo. You discourage people who would change the leadership from voting, leaving the field wide open for the current government to return with an increased majority and continue with the disastrous changes that have caused so much discontent in the first place!

      One thing we know from bitter experience is that the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition is a government of liars. They lied to get in and they have lied their way through their Parliamentary term. They do not deserve to be in office.

      Do you really want to tell us that they are preferable to an Opposition that is at least indicating it has heard what the public are saying and wants to do something about it?

      1. Mick

        I agree entirety with what you say and yes they need to be removed from power ASAP but I have watched them all lie over the years We voted Labour out because of their lies and lack of direction last time so why would anyone be convinced that they have suddenly changed their views, many are the same MP’s as the last time they were in power and everyone just was sick of their lies then. My life experience is that people that lie will continue to lie no mater what you do :-(( I know this is no help with the current situation but what an we do? Revolution? That would not do the country any good at all. Personally I believe that we need to get out of Europe and send a few million migrant workers (i say workers with tongue in cheek, as many gangs come here just to steal) home so we are not paying for medical / social bills for so many, this would leave more money for the true UK population. even those that do work many send most of their money out of the UK and contribute little to local economy. many we see here have no insurance or tax on their cars, and pay no council tax water rates etc, just move about to avoid all this, so no money in and all they can get goes out! Is it any wonder we have a failing economy ? I BELIVE that a lot of crime can be attributed to certain groups of new EEC members states much of the theft and damage through theft in my area is directly caused by people from outside the UK coming here and stealing as we are in a area with a better pickings than some. We get ten scrap lorries a day and if you leave the pushchair / Cycle outside the porch but well inside your front garden, because its wet or dirty it will go in minutes, many are Eastern European with NO TAX and openly stealing anything not nailed down! I have no hatred for anyone, mostly too tired to Carry a grudge, just voicing what I see around me and have been told by local migrant workers that have come and gone in local private rental housing in the last few years. Most seemed proud that they are taking all they can get before they eventually leave, many have said they would never want to live here permanently That people her are too miserable !!! No wonder!

        Mike, If you don’t want to post this that’s OK like I said way too tired to hold a grudge .LoL thanks for the support I have had from here, I feel a little less lost n hopeless now. Good on yer

      2. Mike Sivier

        All the statistical evidence I have seen indicates that immigrants are NOT a problem. They do NOT claim benefits that they don’t deserve and they DO contribute to the economy.
        Having said that, I wouldn’t want to deny your anecdotal evidence either – there are always going to be people who come here for the wrong reasons.
        Bear in mind that, of the corporate heads I criticise in my latest blog article, at least two are foreign nationals and all are based abroad – but they still siphon money out of this country at a rate far exceeding any that is possible for a single individual.

  2. Smiling Carcass

    Thanks for the reblog, Mike, but I’m afraid I don’t trust Labour. I hope I’m wrong, and further reforms we have been fighting for, I am sure you already know, have been announced.

    We must ask whether Labour have announced this policy because it is morally right to have such a policy (in which case, why wasn’t it announced earlier?) or because it is a vote catcher?

    As for justifying the removal of BT, on the economic grounds it is more expensive that HB would be adequate to satisfy parliamentary rules and legislation? The evidence is there.

    Removing tax loopholes should be done on the basis they are immoral at all times, not just when others are experiencing austerity.

    It’ll be interesting to see other people’s view on Labour’s announcement.

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