Congratulations to Pride’s Purge on reaching the venerable age of two! I had no idea, when I started VP, that this great blog was only two months older, which is a clear sign that Tom Pride hit the ground running.
Regarding the comments about the various factions trying to shut the site down – I’m a professional news reporter and this happens whenever anyone feels threatened; they threaten back. As long as you’ve got the evidence to support your assertions, it just means you’re doing a good job. I have never had to sharpen my axes about a PP post, but then I don’t have a strongly ideological agenda. I want facts to come out, in order to make it easier for people to do what works, rather than what makes a certain segment of society a little richer, or gives them more power over the rest of us.
I’m looking forward to the next two years of Pride’s Purge. They will be interesting times – there’s a general election coming up and the Tories have already fire a warning shot across the BBC’s bows (see for my opinion about that) and the social media are also high on their priorities, what with the so-called gagging law going through Parliament, and I’m sure we’ll see other attempts to end our free speech rights. But I have every intention of seeing these times through, and commenting on them as they happen – and I look forward to seeing how Pride’s Purge does so, as well.