7 thoughts on “Just when you thought Iain Duncan Smith could not stoop any lower……….

  1. R J Edge

    This is the exact same letter word for word I got from Hoban in March, when I asked why my wife had to fill in the same form three times in as many months and the third was accompanied by an overturned appeal in our favour, and a letter telling us how much we would receive.

  2. Joe Smith

    At the risk of being accused of repetition, (for which I apologise) are you really surprised that this well known fraudster, liar, cheat and thief chose to virtually ignore you? Ian Duncan Smith has the backbone of a slug as well as the integrity. He will not do or say or comit to anything which could in even the remotest way come back and bite him, so add craven coward to his list of achievements. To re-cap:-
    1. Fraudster
    2. Liar
    3. Cheat
    4. Thief.
    5. COWARD

    This the **** which Cameron defends at each and every opportunity.

    1. Mike Sivier

      He’s not ignoring me. Don’t you know this site is monitored day and night?
      I’ve had to edit this a bit. Please try not to write anything that could get me accused of contempt of court!

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