The single killer question from ATOS that drove a woman to suicide

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  2. sidewinder November 30, 2013 at 1:54 am - Reply

    iv had a ATOS test. i realy strugled with it. but the lady helped by leading me in questions and actualy puting words in my mouth for me and inventing a few. i got 0 points. then won my appeal anyway. it made me very ill all year waiting though. they have a target. that meens they are not paid to test us but to fail us. they are the pms dirty hit men and as sutch should be in jail for countless deaths. the pm should not be in jail he should be cooked slowly pumped full of adrenalin and that would stil not pay his debt to his own people it would be a drop in the ocean of pain that the man obviosly laughs about behind closed doors. he has got all on not laughing in public

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