5 thoughts on “Cameron lies to parliament again about the bedroom tax

  1. Marie Lane

    What a lying b………d Cameron is, and the worse hypocrite of all when he has a disabled child himself.

    On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 6:03 PM, Vox Political

  2. AM-FM

    They also said the bedroom tax will only apply to “new” residents after it was brought in, so at least the new movers knew what extra amount they would be letting themselves in for.

    …And then simply applied it to anyone with a spare cupboard.

    The extra rent on properties with a spare cupboard around here is only +£4.50, but the bedroom tax is £12 – go figure.

    They keep saying simply ‘get a job’ to avoid the bedroom tax, but every week we see TV reports of people working and getting hit by it.

    Why are the ConDemed destroying the UK econemy, don’t they know even they can’t survive without it.

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