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The abuse in Rotherham and other Northern towns is appalling.

It’s a failure of those in power to listen to and respect the voices of girls and their parents, the voices of people from largely deprived backgrounds. No one is denying that the abusers were mostly from a Pakistani background.

The report commissioned by Rotherham Council is very clear – there were systematic failures by all those we hold responsible for caring for our young people. No one can disagree with its conclusions. No one is trying to.

However the behaviour of UKIP has not added to the debate; it has not taken it forward, it has not said how they would help the voices of the unheard be listened to in the future. They have not put forward one policy or suggestion that will help young people who are abused, according to the A Liberal Life blog.

It states: As a party they have decided that this poster is the way forward:


To say that this politicking at its worst in an understatement. The response of their members has been far far worse:






So what do UKIP want to do to ensure that young people have the tools to protect them against abuse. Well, they voted with the tories to deny all young people the right to universal sexual and reproductive health at the EU. They have ignored these facts:


They decided that young people in primary school should learn about what is appropriate and what is not from their carers and parents, seemingly ignoring that 90% of abuse is at the hands of someone they know. In the case of the very young that means family or family friends.

To read the rest of this article, visit aliberallife.

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12 thoughts on “UKIP policy encourages child abuse – aliberallife

  1. maxwell1957

    It seems as though everybody has fallen for the political sleight of hand; performed by
    ” certain interested parties ” (no names, no pack-drill ), of pinning the blame on Asains
    for all the child sex abuse incidents in the South Yorkshire area.
    A perusal of the list of those convicted for this heinous crime in the South Yorkshire area will reveal ( shock, horror! ) that the five who were convicted: Umar Razaq, Razwan Razaq, 30, Zafran Ramzan, Adil Hussain and Mohsin Khan were sent down for a total of 32 years.

    The sentences ranging from four years for Mohsin Khan. Umsar Razaq got four and a half years, as did Adil Hussain . Zafran Ramzan, was jailed for nine years and Razwan Razaq for eleven years.

    All deeply shocking, placing these men perhaps beyond redemption.
    But wait-there’s more. A closer examination of the list reveals that the local ” indigenous ” ( I.E. white ) population also have a penchant for ” Younger Meat ” .

    I could make a list as long as your arm if I wanted to, but it would serve no particular purpose other than to cause eyestrain for the viewer.

    I did count them all up once; using the same time period as the felons previously mentioned, but the numbers started to boggle my mind.

    The numbers worked out at something like 15 Asians to 170 ( or so ) of the local
    ” indigenous ” population.

    These included a woman (Amanda Spencer, jailed for twelves years) who recruited vulnerable girls and used them to run a prostitution ring and a male, Lee Crutchley of Dinnington, Rotherham who was jailed for 15 years. He used the rape as a method to collect ” payment ” for the drugs that he plied these vulnerable girls with.

    So, it is plain to see that ” certain interested parties ” have used the info’ to cause anxiety and hysteria to reign, thus making the populace more tractable.
    A pox upon their houses for using such information to further their own political advancement and advantage.

      1. maxwell1957


        Before you start having conniptions about the undermentioned website, please let me reassure you that the site is quite legitimate and above-board.

        It only gives information about those who have been convicted and sentenced.

        The link to the website is
        The reason for my omitting it that I wasn’t sure of your policy on the posting of web-links.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Obviously I don’t want spam; that’ll get blocked and binned – but if people are making assertions, I like to see the evidence or know that it is available to myself and other readers. Otherwise there’s no way of verifying it.

    1. W*T H*L*B*T

      No one seems to have mentioned that these were racist child molesters and rapists. They purposefully went out and chose WHITE females for their disgusting behavior.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I take it you’ve read the comment that shows WHITE abusers were taking part in these activities as well?

    2. maxwell1957

      My main reason for bringing this to the attention of everyone is mainly because the way that the info’ surfaced after the UKIPPERS gained something in the region of ten seats in Rotherham at the local council elections.

      The situation was actually being dealt with in the usual discreet manner via the ‘backchannels’ to avoid the usual furore that is always associated when the members of the general public are made aware of such vile acts.

      It should be remembered that, on one occasion, a few years back, a group of ” right-minded citizens of somewhere in the Bristol area took it upon themselves to ” deal with ” a suspected paedophile by attempting to trash the house of this person.
      It was just a bit of a shame that this supposed paedophile was in fact a registered PAEDITRICIAN who worked for the NHS!

  2. Guy Ropes

    So how would Labour deal with the problem? Oh no, that’s right, the whole edifice of “child protection” in Rotherham – and all Labour – was found over years and years to have failed the weakest and most vulnerable. They ignored reports of children being doused in petrol and then threatened with ignition. How humane and caring. No need to repeat any further examples of what was wilfully ignored in this travesty of what passed for public service. And then they wanted to (all together now!): “hang on to their pensions” – if not their jobs !!! And you complain about a poster??!! A Liberal life indeed. I suspect that if I swore you might not allow this post to remain. So I won’t.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Relativism, Guy.
      We have all heard about the Rotherham failures but we’re not discussing Labour here; we’re discussing UKIP.
      The operative question is: How will UKIP reform its policy to make it acceptable to the British public?
      Do you have an answer, that doesn’t involve trying to switch the focus onto somebody else?

      1. Guy Ropes

        I have a solution which would negate instances of non-investigation of sexual crimes but it wouldn’t be accepted by the powers-that-be would it ? If you want circa 1800 policies and practices, try asking your local PCC to ban taser guns from all Police CELLS in his/her area. They won’t oblige.

  3. chopale

    guy ropes. The blame gaming for political party scoring is very childish. the sick f**kers are in all realms of parties and associations of power.

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