‘JustGiving’ page to assuage Myleene’s ‘Mansion Tax’ outrage!


A JustGiving page has been set up to help Myleene Klass pay her mansion tax after she took Ed Miliband to task about the scheme on ITV’s The Agenda.

The Littlewoods designer seemed to think the Labour leader’s pledge to impose a £250/week tax on properties worth more than £2million was unfair: “In London, which is where 80 per cent of the people who will be paying this tax actually live, have you seen what that amount of money can get you? It’s like a garage.”

Here’s Mr Miliband’s deadpan response: “”I totally understand that people don’t like paying more in tax.”

Myleene’s ill-judged words sparked a swift backlash, and now a JustGiving page has been set up to help her pay the bill, if a Labour government is elected next year.

The text reads: “Help Myleene Klass pay her Mansion Tax. Myleene is a struggling mother with a fortune of £11m who needs our help. Please be generous.”

More seriously, on Twitter, another person wrote:  “Myleene Klaas don’t like the idea of having to pay #mansiontax. Is she even aware of the effects of #BedroomTax?”

This is the heart of the matter, of course. The Bedroom Tax has forced many families out of London – exactly as intended by the Conservatives – leaving the UK’s capital to become a playground for the rich.

Labour’s mansion tax plan will redress the balance by making it just as hard for the rich to live there as it is for the poor – unless prices come down, allowing the poor back in.

Myleene clearly had not thought that far into the matter.

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22 thoughts on “‘JustGiving’ page to assuage Myleene’s ‘Mansion Tax’ outrage!

  1. hstorm

    I used to like Myleene Klass. There was a time when she seemed quite an intelligent, articulate woman, but she’s proving to be yet another ‘fair-weather celeb socialist’ who loses all contact with reality when she is faced with the slightest extra burden or obligation in the name of fairness.

  2. joanna may

    What more could you expect from a vacuous tramp!! Watch out for celebrities trying to find exemptions, like signing their wealth over to their children or someone they trust.

    1. Ian Jd Andrews

      so you dont think the top 5% deserve to feel a small portion (and lets face it, it IS a very small portion) of the pain everyone else is going through in this continuing recession ?

      1. gary burley

        your right. if they can give an 85billion welfare handout to corporations, what the f are they bleating on about austerity and taxing the poor for, Tory thieves

    2. Ian Duncan

      All taxation is political. Do you think the Tory cuts to the social security that leave out pensioners aren’t political? Do you think it isn’t political that the burden of austerity falls on the poorest?


  3. Nick

    Myleene Klass is a millionaire and like all millionaires they only speak for themselves hence most are divorced as their selfishness always gets in the way of building a solid relationship

  4. joanna may

    Whilst this unintelligent witch is bleating about paying mansion tax, about 90.000 children are going to spend Christmas homeless and countless people are Still being evicted for bedroom tax, I didn’t hear any objections about that did you?
    The “just giving” thing is a joke, set up by someone who was disgusted about her complaining!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I think we all know what the JustGiving page is, thanks, Joanna!
      As for the homeless children, I’ve been meaning to do something on that for a while…

  5. joanna may

    I also think she has done Labour a great favour, with her totally unintelligent words. She said residential homes for the elderly would suffer, I don’t see how!
    I have watched the clip and Ed Millband looked like he was going to burst out laughing

  6. aturtle05

    IF every millionaire paid 50% of everything they earned a year, we could have written off the national debt. the NHS bill and every other negative bill we have got! The one drawback is that no MP is going to cut off the gravy train of money that they are getting paid from millionaires to keep their tax low.

  7. aussieeh

    I wonder how Ms Klass would feel if she had to pay, say 20% of her money on the mansion tax. That is how much a lot of people on unemployment benefit, or sickness or disablement benefit have to pay for the bedroom tax, in many cases through no fault of their own. I know 20% of £50,000 a week is a chunk, but it is nothing compared to 20% of £73.00 a week, when out of that £73.00 a week you have to pay for electric, gas, water, food, toiletries, TV licence, clothes etc. She reminds me of the people who own a Rolls Royce, they want the prestige and the comfort but they don’t want to pay for the privilege, the type of people who think that the parts and servicing should be given away for nothing, and the mechanic who does the work, and would probably never be able to afford a Rolls Royce, should work at a real job for a pittance of a wage, then be looked at down the nose of people like Ms Klass. I suppose if she doesn’t like it, she could F*%k off along with Rhys Jones and we could turn their mansions into decent old folks homes, staff them with the nurses Hunt has thrown out of work, and look after the people who have actually helped to build this once great nation.

  8. joanna may

    Mike the poster Ian duncan has the very word I thought you wouldn’t have on your website, maybe I am being too sensitive but I find that one word the most offensive word ever

  9. Sasson Hann

    Well she could always downsize. As Craig off ‘Strickly’ said with regard to the bedroom tax a few years ago (on that awful programme ‘The Wright Stuff, which I stopped watching after the ignorance displayed by the panel concerning the subject): ‘people could just put their paintings on different walls: what’s the problem with that?

    Oh and she could also rent out her rooms to complete strangers.


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