Dear boring pitiable trolls, stop telling me to ‘get a job’ – agirlcalledjack

Let’s have some solidarity for Jack Monroe, who writes: Over the last few days I’ve been inundated with tweets, comments and emails from anonymous accounts, all with the same thinly veiled message. Here’s a couple of the charmers…



Bizarre that this should all start up again, I thought, especially on Twitter, where my profile clearly states:


…So if someone has gone to the trouble of looking me up on Twitter (or Instagram or any other social media) to send targeted, deliberate and frankly unimaginative abuse, how could they fail to notice that I HAVE A JOB.

Visit Jack’s site to read the rest of her civilised takedown of these creeps. VP‘s view on this is that it’s another cack-handed attempt to shame or silence a notable Leftie with a large degree of influence. The last paragraph is well worth quoting, though:

So to the idiot who says I’m a poor role model to my kids, they see me get up in the morning and sharpen my knives and pack my bag. They see me writing at the table. They can identify my books in the supermarket or book shop. They ask most days what I’ve done at work. They know I work. They know I have a job. They know what I do. And now, trolls and strangers that feel compelled to abuse people they don’t know from the safety of anonymous internet accounts, so do you.

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9 thoughts on “Dear boring pitiable trolls, stop telling me to ‘get a job’ – agirlcalledjack

  1. victedy

    It’s my no 1 rule: to never troll or lambaste anyone on social media, so I have to admit I was angry when I made a benign comment about Sue Marsh and I received a foul-mouthed tirade from one of her apparatchiks. I didn’t engage, I just pressed the block button (I have many trolls in the blocked abyss).
    My point is: use the block button, even if you have more blocked than followers.

  2. Andy

    I think we need many more bad role models for kids if that’s what it takes. It just goes to show how much the establishment and their trolls are afraid of people like Jack, KittySJones, yourself and even Russell Brand! And I would think that the attacks will only going to get worse over the next few months.

  3. casalealex

    Every day I get loadsa spam emails. I can’t be arsed to ever look at them, so they are binned. I do not recall ever getting any abusive posts on FB or Twitter, but if I did I would block them immediately, with some regret; as I could not help but wonder about the poor soul who has spent their time trawling through peoples’ comments and tweets in order to abuse them. They must lead very sad lives and I feel sorry for them. All I can say is’ sticks and stones……

  4. Landless Peasant

    Brings to mind an anti-JSA march I went on back in the 90’s organized and lead by a Skinhead (Skins Against Racism) and some old codger in a flat cap shouted “get a haircut and get a job” ! LOL

  5. Rose

    Sue Marsh the tireless campaigner for sick and disabled rights, who has fought against the Work Capability Test in particular and told us repeatedly how very ill and incapable of work she is herself, has landed a £75,000 job with Maximus, one of the very worst private companies administering WCA and harassing the sick and disabled.

    So never say die.

    You see collaborating with the enemy can actually land you a job you are not qualified to do, working for a company you previously criticised scurrilously, even though you are supposedly too ill to fill a salaried position of any kind.

    Nice one, Sue.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’ve stayed out of the ‘Sue Marsh – turncoat or what?’ snakepit because I think it’s too early to make a decision on whether she has done a good or bad thing.
      I would point out, however, that this site does not approve of posts or comments that attack anyone (other than politicians) directly – and this one is close to that mark.
      Also, it’s not “collaborating” with Maximus that won her the job. If she’s been a campaigner FOR the sick and disabled, it’s combating the assessor companies that led them to employ her.

      1. Rose

        I’m not attacking Sue Marsh merely reporting facts that she herself published on her Diary of a Benefit Scrounger blog. The fact is that Sue will be earning about £1442.00 a week (before tax) working for Maximus, one of the worst private companies paid by the DWP to run its privatised welfare programmes none of which Sue will have the power to change for the better and all of which will remain as awful – even deadly – as they were before she was hired to fill a position she had no certification or experience to qualify for.

        These are facts not attacks.

        Readers can draw their own conclusions.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        And does she say in this article on her site that she is not qualified to do this job, that she previously criticised “scurrilously” the company involved, and that she was too ill to fill a salaried position of any kind? If not, then you aren’t reporting what she herself said, and you are attacking her – whether you say so or not.
        I’ve stated this blog’s position.

  6. concernedkev

    You are right on the question of Sue Marsh Mike. Until and otherwise she does something which causes an adverse outcome for anyone she should be left alone to get on with whatever she thinks she is doing. I came across a blog full of vitriol on this subject the other day and was disgusted by the comments I read. People have a right to feel angry if she has in FACT betrayed them but from some of the things I read it sounded like there was a degree of envy involved. I suggested that any anger should be directed where it really belongs and that is with ATOS, Maximus, IDS, Cameron and the henchpersons at the DWP. As for trolls in general it would be safe to postulate that the majority will originate from the far right and other political opponents of that persuasion. It would be interesting if someone could compile a list across the blogosphere and see if there are common themes or directions of attacks. We could then perhaps treat the more persistent to a thunderclap of polite phrases like goodmoaning, nice to shoo you to shoo you nice,

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