It seems the DWP can’t even stick to its own rules.

A WOMAN who has 45 years of work experience was stunned after being ordered by benefits chiefs to attend a placement designed for unskilled young people.

Elaine Anderson has worked in various roles since she was a teenager and, now aged 58, she has accumulated experience across multiple industries.

However, four years ago her 45-year long record of employment ended and the Old Kilpatrick woman has struggled to find new work, despite being a qualified medical secretary.

Now the mother of two has been left fuming after the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) ordered her to complete six months unpaid labour in a programme designed for unskilled 18-25 year olds.

The Community Work Placement (CWP) is aimed at those whose primary barrier to work is lack of experience or motivation. The Department of Work and Pensions website states that the programme enables people to develop the disciplines and skills associated with sustained employment.

Source: DWP order woman with 45 years experience to do unpaid work to learn ‘vital skills’ – or face sanctioning : Clydebank Post