Labour’s new shadow chancellor is against rent control… and guess what, he’s a landlord – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

Here we go again.

This man clearly has no right to be the Shadow Chancellor.

Where he should be thinking about what’s best for the people of the United Kingdom, instead he is thinking only about his own personal gain.

What a disgrace to the Labour Party.

Labour should not have sought to control rents by regulating landlords, the party’s new shadow chancellor has said.

Chris Leslie, who is a landlord himself, said the party’s policy of limiting the speed of rent increases for tenants had upset people seeking to profit from housing by implying that fast rises were exploitative.

Source: Labour’s new shadow chancellor is against rent control… and guess what, he’s a landlord – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

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33 thoughts on “Labour’s new shadow chancellor is against rent control… and guess what, he’s a landlord – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

  1. Mr.Angry

    I truly believe the labour party are in self destruct mode, what are they thinking !!

    1. Kenneth Billis

      Isn’t it really the case that the transformation of the Labour Party is almost complete? Just like “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” in real life.

  2. bookmanwales

    Same old “New Labour” then… It’s no wonder their support is bleeding away with these sort of stories coming thick and fast on a daily basis.
    As I, and I believe a great many people like me, don’t aspire to own my own home or become a millionaire the Labour party is no longer of any relevance to me.
    The Labour party became an irrelevance the day the Blairites took control and as we have seen so far a humiliating defeat in the last election has changed their stance not an inch.
    Aspiration, hard working families, social mobility, home ownership, wealth creators, entrepeneurs, spot the difference between Labour and Tory speak ?
    Even Andy Burnhams belittles his own “humble” background his mother working as a cleaner before managing to “better herself” by becoming a home owner and business owner. There is nothing “humble about being a cleaner or doing any other equally necessary low skilled job we all contribute to society according to our means and skills.

  3. boromoor

    Seems to me as though the Labour party is a disgrace to the Labour party these days. Probably one of the reasons they lost the election, people didn’t see the point of voting in a different party with similar policies; I only voted Labour because I saw them as the lesser evil.

  4. Jeffery Davies

    Oh dear another greedie one its rife hay blair surely left his greed there

  5. Peter Buckley

    This is getting beyond a joke. How are these people getting selected as candidates.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That will be one less member of ‘True’ Labour, meaning ‘Fake’ Labour increases its proportion of the membership.
      That’s NOT the answer.
      The answer is to increase the membership of people with ‘True’ Labour values and squeeze out the fakers.
      How about doing that instead?

      1. Jim Round

        They will just be ignored Mike, if they genuinely did give any thought to those they were formed to represent, then they wouldn’t let spoons like this spout nonsense.
        How many people are at the top of The Labour Party (or any party) can really say they have working class roots and are not career politicians on an ego trip.

  6. Catherine Cooper

    My husband and I joined the Labour Party, after the election, in the hope that we could change things by being inside the party. I very much fear that everything has been sewn up by those at the top! We must have rent controls to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords and to provide stability for children.
    We need a takeover in the party!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      So it seems. You’ve done the right thing. Now make sure you make your voice heard and your votes count.

    2. John Gaines

      I’m afraid Labour is now on a par with the rotten CO-OP Bank /Society, run by self serving tricksters.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Then it’s a good thing that some people with True Labour values are trying to take the party back.

  7. chriskitcher

    I don’t believe that Labour really want to win the 2020 election. If they did then the muppets that are leading the party at the present time would have stood down with Ed Milliband.

    1. hugosmum70

      maybe just maybe, they are giving up knowing that by 2020 the conservatives will have done and finished the job they started off to do. that of destroying this country and getting rid of all but those who have lots of cash in the bank.or as many as they can anyway. but NHS, and other businesses will no longer’ll be a little America. not a Great Britain.nothing much left TO govern. i too have just joined Labour as a member, having voted for them this time, and most of the time over the past years (except a lapse in 2010 when i foolishly voted libdem and which i’ve been kicking myself for ever since.) i too find myself thinking,on reading all these stories about what the leadership candidates are saying, what have i done? but then think, surely, somewhere is the right person to ill carry on.. for now.just hope I’m not wasting my money. cos if Labour do not do something soon, i wont have it to waste on them.

  8. Zahid

    We need always Leader and politician who is thinking for more than 80% of population , NOT just ukip and Tory thinker Zahid Chaudhry labour member and delagate

  9. foggy

    Not all Labour Mp’s are of the same cloth. As Tony Benn once said:
    “If there’s anyone from New Labour here, your money will be refunded if you leave quietly…and there is a special exit on the far right, under the title ‘The Third Way'”

    Discontinuing Labour membership will make the fakers smile…mission accomplished ???

    To oust these fakers we need to light the fire from beneath to smoke the buggers out.

    Sign the petition, help, light that fire and share it !!

  10. Ian

    How is this even allowed in the first place? Who appointed him? Did they not think to look into his dealings?

    Labour are making the Tories look vaguely competent. Imagine that.

      1. Ian

        Well the Tories have Labour dancing to their tune without even trying, that’s how poor Labour is. All the Conservatives have to do is shout, “benefits!”, “immigrants!”, “economy!” and Labour soil their collective nappy. If Labour won’t oppose the Conservatives, who will?

        Looks like we’re going to have to do it ourselves, bypassing Westminster and whichever idiot gets the leadership gig. Let’s see what Labour say about the marches and protests we’ll see in the next five years, then we’ll see whose side they’re really on.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Marches and protests are fine but protest should be economic as well – fight with your wallet.
        DON’T buy anything from organisations that donate to the Tories.
        DON’T support companies that benefit from Tory government handouts.

      3. Ian

        I bet you laughed as loudly as I did when you heard of Tesco’s recent poor performance 🙂

  11. Steve Grant

    Here we go again,where are the Labour MP’s who truly understand the real world?I am extremely angry for comments made to make the Tories confident in punishing the poor even more.Chris Leslie shows he has no idea how the real world works and holds a position of Shadow Chancellor … me a favour!…he has no grasp of economics ….no wonder he was laughing and talking to Osbourne at the Queens speech…If this is an example of the type of candidate Labour are putting forward for election it’s no wonder the party is in decline….

  12. Timro

    I really wish Leslie wasn’t a Labour representative. Anybody who has seen this smarmy little git on the Daily Politics, or Newsnight, or whatever will know what I mean. He comes across as insincere, inexpert, incompetent and untrustworthy. Shadow Chancellor? My God! What has become of the Labour Party? Can’t Labour do better than this? Still at least he’d be easy to find if you went looking for him… just look for a slug-like trail of slime and follow it to its end.

  13. Brendan O'Brien

    How do you know he’s only thinking of personal gain? You offer no evidence for that.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s a fair point.
      What makes you think that a landlord isn’t thinking of personal gain when he says there should be no rent controls?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Most of us still support Labour values.
      It seems the scum has risen to the top, though.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I’ve just done an article on 10 of them, and yesterday another one announced his candidacy for the Labour leadership.

  14. Natalie Graham

    “Chris Leslie, who is a landlord himself, said the party’s policy of limiting the speed of rent increases for tenants had upset people seeking to profit from housing by implying that fast rises were exploitative.”

    Of course, Labour should be looking out for the interests of people “seeking to profit from housing” rather than those struggling to pay exploitative rents, shouldn’t they?

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