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None of them can say they are really in touch with the present mood of  Labour Party members, and some of them, notably Blair and Mandelson, have more in common with the wealthy global elite than a traditional Labour Party supporter.

And Labour Party activists long treated as foot soldiers and not given their head over policy formation by these grandees are revolting.  Ever since Blair reduced their power at party conferences they have had a diminishing say along with the unions.

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7 thoughts on “Why Labour’s patronising grandees have driven people to vote for Stormin’ Corbyn – David Hencke

  1. john ingamells (@geovanni218)

    i rejoined the party having resigned at the disillusionment of very successful, yet Tory orientated and focused policies of Blair. I had had enough of his lies, the spin of Mandelson and Campbell, the continuation of the deceitful PFI scheme and what it would ultimatey do to the country, especially NHS, in time. I’d had enough! I was a defeatist and must confess my cowardice was based on the belief i saw no hope for the party and didnt anticipate any return to socialism and true labour. In rejoining i had never become a member of any other party, though supported the NHA party and have looked at the Greens hoping for a miracle. Seeing Jeremy Corbyn running i saw some grounds that even if he didnt succeed the party might remember who it truly represented and core supporters. I received my membership documents and voting slips at the weekend and vote online on Tuesday, voting for Jeremy and Tom Watson for deputy. My vote was accepted and recorded , by wednesday i had received an email advising i hed views which were not consistent with the party and i had been refused re-admission and voting rights. I do not know if my vote was viewed or scrutinised by anyone in the party, but it does seem odd that within 24 hours my membership and vote had been rejected. I am a socialist and hold socialist values and will never change those views. I am bloody angry that the party is being run and manipulated to be more interested in attracting support from middle england tory voters than someone like me from working class Hull, solidly a Labour held city in parliament. I fear for what the Blairite influenced supporters might do to secure the party for their ends and aims. Power is important but we must have principles that won back voters and attract more to vote, to then secure true socialist government. These people are addicted and corrupted by power and appealing to the greedy city of london and finance. the party fr working people and supportive of welfare and the NHS seems to be in jeopardy if Blair retains control of the party. Sadly, my story appears to be pretty common .

    1. les

      like you i voted today for jeremy and tom , my vote was accepted . i too was a member of labour but cancelled because of blair and iraq. jeremy is like a typhoon of fresh air for true socialists i will wait with baited breath to see what if anything happens to me and my votes. never have i been a member of any other political party and have voted labour in every single election be it national or local . if my vote gets disallowed i will never never never vote labour again for the rest of my life . this is a democratic process and should be allowed to run its natural un tampered with course. i am sorry you lost your votes

  2. John Gaines

    We need to counter these Tory Lite tactics, I suggest that we ask the Unions for Legal Aid to start court proceedings, the sooner the better as this could run into thousands of genuine votes fo Jeremy being discarded.

  3. mrmarcpc

    The tory Labour movement is failing and rightly so, the Labour voters have seen through the bull the tory Labour lot spewed on us and now want rid of all of them and the party restored to its true format!

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