Kristallnacht resurrected – will YOU stand by and let the fascists return?

[Image: Shana Knizhnik/Twitter.]

[Image: Shana Knizhnik/Twitter.]

People do these things because they think they can.

Only 15 hours ago, at the time of writing, Jack Monroe tweeted the following:

I’m willing to be even Jack didn’t expect America to respond so quickly.

It’s a small sign, but could be a portent of bigger things to come.

They do these things because they think they can – and the election of Donald Trump means they think they can.

But let’s not get holier-than-thou about it; in a few weeks, Nigel Farage intends to lead 100,000 like-minded individuals in a mass rally intended to intimidate the Supreme Court into overturning the rule of law regarding plans for the UK to leave the European Union.

He thinks this is permissible because around a quarter of the UK’s population voted ‘Leave’, although he’ll tell you it was 52 per cent.

Kristallnacht happened in 1938 – nearly six years into Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror in Nazi Germany. For the US – and us – to be in a similar situation now tells a terrifying tale about the direction of western politics over the last few years.

It has to stop.

And the only person who can stop it…

Is you.

What are you going to do?

“Sieg Heil 2016,” read black letters, scrawled across a shop window in Philadelphia.

The Nazi-era phrase was written the day after Donald Trump won the presidency, and on the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht in Germany.

On [9] November 1938, fascists torched, vandalized and destroyed Jewish homes, shops and synagogues.

They painted stars and racial slurs, broke windows and caused fear and panic as Hitler rose to power.

On a grey, damp day in November 2016, the vandalism on the streets of Philadelphia is a haunting reminder of the all too recent past. A vandal wrote a Nazi phrase in black spraypaint on the window of an abandoned fur shop on Broad Street, alongside a swastika.

Source: Vandals destroy shop windows and graffiti anti-Semitic slurs in Philadelphia on 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht | The Independent

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8 thoughts on “Kristallnacht resurrected – will YOU stand by and let the fascists return?

  1. Tim Sims

    We’ll need to stand in his way on December 5th. If he thinks he can mobilise 100,000 people to march on the Supreme Court on a December Monday morning lets start getting people into London to stand in their way and defend judicial independence and our tattered democracy. Has anyone started mobilising this already? I haven’t heard they have yet.

  2. Joan Edington

    Do they know that it was a Trump-supporting right-wing vandal who wrote this, or is it media-speak? Knowing the US, I’m probably wrong, but it could equally have been a comment from a gob-smacked normal person who wanted to say “look what you’ve voted for”.

      1. pj21516

        Yes it does matter, all you are doing is assuming, and the Hypocrisy is palpable I like millions of other Socislists have put my faith and heart and soul in the Hands of Mr J. Corbyn and the Party he and Mr J. McDonnell are building from scratch. I am nearing time up on my journey I can’t march nor fight anymore but I still have my principles and Mr Corbyn has his and made the most balanced statement on Trump. All of you think back or are your memories that bad you have forgotten already that since Mr Corbyn was elected Leader how many political enemies within his own party the party he leads told outright lies accused him of being anti-Semitic, and of being weak, and useless and not treating the women on his shadow cabinet with respect. The Conservatives have had a easy passage through Parliament because of all the hate speech and vitriolic nonsense spouted by Watson his Cabal of Neo- Liberal followers also the PLP and the NEC. What has been our reaction to this it has been fury because it is heresay and Lies and we know it and so do they. I am not defending Trump but it is becoming increasingly obvious that Democracy is only Democracy if you agree with the Harmans Watsons Smiths Eagle McTernan Umunna Blair and Browns of this World. If someone or something is Voted in Democratically what right does the above mentioned You Me your followers and the Sycophants who suck up to you got to tell the people who won that they are wrong because we say their wrong and they must Vote again. So after all this I’m with Mr J. Corbyn and his supporters lets wait and see what transpires out of Mr Trumps Presidency after all Mr Sivier he may well turn out to be the Greatest President in American History Probably not but one thing is certain not one single person on this Planet knows if he is going to be Good Bad or Indifferent we can only assume and assuming something is a personal opinion which means something to the opined. Mr Trump may turn out to be a Nightmare that is my opinion it does not mean he will be a Nightmare, He was Democratically Elected and should be given his chance to prove Hypocrites like us wrong if the BBC, ITV, CH4, CH5, All Printed Media and Political Reporters and Yes the two faced Lying Neo-Liberal factions within the Labour Party had attacked the Conservatives as hard and as quickly as they have Mr Trump our Nations would have been much better off but Mr Sivier this is only my opinion.

        Good Evening to You Sir

        Pat Mcqueenie

  3. NMac

    The Tory Party thrives on divisions in society, so here in Britain the Labour Party needs to unite around Jeremy Corbyn. He can win an election and I am sure he will make a difference.

  4. Barry Davies

    Most likely posted by a distraught Hillary supporter, and the Fascists were Italian not German, it was the brown shirts of the SA a Nazi group who conducted krystalnacht. As we know the SA not long after got wiped out by the SS.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The SA became the SS – it didn’t get wiped out. And Nazism is just an extreme form of Fascism with stronger nationalist and racial supremacy overtones.

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