A taste of things to come in post-election America – and Donald Trump is the catalyst

161111-swastika-trumpA commenter took This Writer to task late yesterday (November 10), for posting an image similar to the above and saying, not only that people have been emboldened to do these things by the election of Donald Trump as US President, but that it doesn’t matter whether they support him or not – the fact is that his election is the reason the Swastika has started appearing on American streets.

According to the commenter, it was hypocritical of me to post the image and the criticism after having defended Jeremy Corbyn against trumped-up (sorry) allegations of anti-Semitism, misogyny and so on – the implication being, I imagine, that Mr Trump has not yet proved to be a Nazi so he should not be criticised as one?

The trouble with that argument is, Mr Trump has spoken of women in demeaning, sexist terms, and he has suggested he will build a wall to keep foreign people out of the United States (to quote two famous examples of his behaviour). That is all his followers need to justify them unleashing a wave of appalling behaviour against women and anybody who looks as though they belong to a racial minority.

The image above, to be honest, looks as though it was made by a critic of Mr Trump – but it expresses a sentiment that appears to be accurate: Donald Trump has led people to believe that the unacceptable is now permissible again.

Donald Trump became the next US President this week in spite of his racist, misogynistic, and inflammatory rhetoric. And while some of his supporters may have thought he’d become more statesmanlike after winning, day one in post-election America suggests that the division sown during his election campaign is only going to get worse. Here are just a handful of the shocking events from 9 November.

Source: The horrors of Day 1 in post-election America are a worrying taste of things to come [TWEETS] | The Canary

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8 thoughts on “A taste of things to come in post-election America – and Donald Trump is the catalyst

  1. joanna

    Herr Drumpf seems to display many of the traits of Hitler! Also he has a court case coming up which might mean he might be impeached, he can’t have immunity for something that happened before the election.

  2. Anna Zimmerman

    I don’t think either side come out of this whole saga well. People who riot and destroy and sneer at the opposition certainly do not have the moral high-ground. I was on Twitter most of election night reading hundreds of tweets from Clinton supporters about Trump voters and their own hateful prejudices towards people in poor, rural states or rust-belt cities were paraded without any sense of irony. Apparently that’s acceptable behaviour that goes without comment by the metropolitan ‘liberal’ press…because of course they tend to share the same beliefs. This utter hypocrisy shouldn’t be given a free pass.
    Apart from that, in a very real sense the kind of racism that is inherent in Clinton’s policies – blithely bombing and strafing poor, brown people in MENA states purely to steal their resources or assert US dominance – is considerably more vile and pernicious than a few unpleasant comments, however inflammatory they prove to be. Clinton is the worst kind of racist, because she hides her psychopathy behind a veneer of motherly respectability, something that would only be apparent to those like me who obsessively follow global geopolitics and economics and understand that most of what we read in the mainstream media is lies. Of course I’m extremely sympathetic to minorities in the US and elsewhere who feel threatened and abused – it’s terrible for them to not feel safe. But when we set that against death and destruction for millions, and the possibility of nuclear war which is closer than it has been for fifty plus years, there is no competition. Now of course there is no guarantee that Trump will not perform a volte-face and follow in his predecessor’s footsteps, but there is at least a strong chance that he will not, whereas with Clinton it was already clear that she intended to send US troops en masse to Syria and Ukraine and was talking seriously about the invasion of Iran. That would be an unimaginable bloodbath in itself and would also risk confrontation between major powers. For this reason alone – and there were others – I cried with relief when Trump was confirmed to have won. I don’t think people realise just how close we have come to disaster.

  3. mohandeer

    Think positively. If Killary had won we would now be making fallout shelters in preparation for WW3. We at least have some breathing time, unless of course you think we should all die together regardless of any discrimination. As for bigotry – nobody does it better than Killary, she just has the savvy and slyness to back pedal on it.
    Trump is evil, but Killary was always worse.

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