Where are all the stories about how WELL Brexit is going?

The word of Brexit: “Slump”…

Brexit is a nightmare.

No? Then where’s the upside? There’s plenty of bad news about Brexit. Where’s the good?

Look – here‘s an example: “Trailfinders, Britain’s largest independent travel agent, has blamed Brexit for wiping £12m off its annual profit.”

(Interesting how the company’s boss still paid himself an extra £1 million, isn’t it?)

Hey, are you happy about this? “Britain could reportedly pay up to £36 billion to the European Union in a so-called Brexit divorce bill. Tory Eurosceptics have insisted that the UK should not pay the fee following suggestions the Government might be prepared to offer the sum as part of a deal.”

Wow – £36 billion. That’s going to bite hard into the £350 million a week that some people still improbably think is going to be paid into the NHS from April 2019 onwards!

… and here it is again.

Here‘s a big business moving out of the UK: “US investment bank Morgan Stanley has chosen Frankfurt as the site of its post-Brexit EU hub in a move that could put 200 jobs in the City of London under threat.”

And here are a couple more that are also on their way out of the door: “Bank of America has chosen Dublin as its new base to service EU clients as part of its Brexit contingency plans… Citigroup has picked Frankfurt as the base for its EU trading operations.”

Sure. This Writer knows what some of you will say. “It’s the rigged media. Project Fear. Project Fear.” Maybe. But all the media isn’t rigged. There were plenty of Brexit-supporting news corporations. Why have they all gone quiet?

These companies were quick to support the “might-bes” and the “could-happens” in the run-up to the EU referendum. Where are their hard stories about what will happen now Brexit is on its way? All of the above events have happened, or will happen, after all.

Where is the news about the benefits that Brexit is bringing – and that we were all promised?

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10 thoughts on “Where are all the stories about how WELL Brexit is going?

  1. Roland Laycock

    The Media will not want you to know they will say everything is rosy and we are going to have a great future, they will mess the invisible star on the US flag coming visible

  2. Dez

    The Globalists will never let it happen…… the plebs were never expected to vote against leaving. Camoron cock up again. Just a matter of them finding the right solution to tidy things all up and put it back together again.. Assumes the EU does not implode before that happens.

  3. hugosmum70

    could that be becauase there arent any? or none worth shouting about? we are all being kept in the dark so how would we know anything aout what could, will,. should. can happen?

  4. Barry Davies

    The problem of course is the could maybe possibly perhaps words used by remain were all taken as will, they haven’t occurred but there is no news because after all they didn’t actually say will, just like the bus actually did not say we would spend all the money on the NHS but remain supporters seem to be incapable of understanding the gentle nuances of the english language. Let’s be hones bad news sell papers not good news so it’s easier just to keep repeating nonsense that is negative, whilst ignoring facts, however we do of course have the advantage that the negativistic stories have made it clear that the remain supporters think nasty horrible foreigners are going to punish us, refuse to trade with us, dump all their unemployed on to us, stop all flights going over us and creating a train crash going over a cliff edge before ensuring Sterling collapses. Now if that isn’t a good enough reason to leave what is? They clearly only want us for the money we hand over, nothing else, in remainer world.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What utter rubbish.
      The stories I quoted are all about things that either definitely HAVE happened or definitely WILL.
      The bus said “Let’s” spend the money on the NHS – indicating to people that this was what Leave would do if it won.
      Yes, let’s be honest – the Leave campaign was a pack of lies.
      That’s negativity for you!

    2. David

      The message on the side of that bus was a promise. Even if it was only a suggestion, it was a powerful and persuasive one. The Leave campaign abandoned what the bus had been advertised once the referendum result became known.

  5. damo

    Its amazing that theres still people who think brexits a good thing….lol…amazeing they must not live in this world things are starting to slow to a stop ..prices are riseing and theres no growth or jobs people are just about surviveing…just…we dont give a rats ares about soverenty….yeah wot have the windsores ever done for anyone we want jobs jobs jobs growth securety a chance to have a decent standard of liveing wot is brexit if not the utter stupidity of the elites every ones knows its a disaster espesh for the poorest

  6. Roy Beiley

    All quiet in the pro-Brexit front.
    The most idiotic thing I have read recently is that “many people would willingly accept the downsides of Brexit it if means that UK will regain its sovreignty”.

  7. rotzeichen

    This GDP map of Europe is very interesting because it shows where money is concentrated within all the individual countries as well as comparably in Europe:


    This other graph shows how Europe’s GDP has fallen compared to the rest of the world.


    Now compare Zimbabwe GDP performance to Europe, noting that Zimbabwe is supposed to be an economic basket case:


    I personally did not want this sterile debate of whether we stay in Europe or leave because whether in or out we have exactly the same problem, Neo-Liberalism.

    Over the last thirty years Europe has accelerated the corporate grip on our economies, aided by individual countries who have adopted Neo-Liberal mythology as though it were gospel, and not caring about the eventual outcome.

    Finally this is why Europe is failing, Yanis Varoufakis explains how Greece was treated by Europe, he has previously talked about a private meeting with Wolfgang Schaeuble
    where he asked him full out, “that if he Schaeuble, as a patriotic German offered the terms of the financial bailout that he was offering Greece, would he sign that agreement”, he said “Schaeuble looked out the window for quite some time before answering”, then said “NO, he wouldn’t”.”but you will sign this agreement”.

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