DWP adds a new power to its anti-disability arsenal: Prophecy

The Department for Work and Pensions office in London.

That’s right – the Department for Work and Pensions can now foretell the future, and is using this power to dismiss appeals before sickness or disability benefit claimants can even make them.

Alternatively, the DWP is corruptly deciding appeals for mandatory reconsideration of claims before they are made, in order to achieve the targets for removing claims that they always say don’t exist.

The Department’s press office has claimed this was a clerical error, of course. They can always claim it was a mistake when they are discovered.

What do YOU believe?

Fresh concerns have been raised about the integrity of the disability benefits system, after a disabled woman’s appeal against having her benefits removed was rejected before she was even told her claim had been turned down.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) sent Mandy Moseley a mandatory reconsideration notice, confirming that her appeal against the decision to reject her claim for the new personal independence payment (PIP) had been unsuccessful.

But she was astonished to receive the letter because she had not yet been told the result of her claim.

Until a claimant receives a decision notice that informs them of the result of their claim, they cannot ask for a mandatory reconsideration (MR) of that decision, and she had not done so.

Disabled activists have been questioning for months why success rates for MRs are so low, when so many appeals that are taken to tribunal – the next stage of the appeal process after the MR – are successful.

Source: DWP rejects PIP claimant’s appeal… before she receives decision notice

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10 thoughts on “DWP adds a new power to its anti-disability arsenal: Prophecy

  1. katythenightowl

    I believe the DWP are morally corrupt governmental lackeys, who willingly let people die, rather than allowing them the money the UK law says they should have, to be able to live in any kind of comfort!
    If something isn’t done soon about this government, and all it’s brown-nosed lackeys, then there will be even more deaths at their hands, and then we will all be complicit in them.
    Unfortunately, none of them will ever be brought to justice, as there is no justice in the UK any more – just look at Grenfell, and that tells you everything about those who have the power, and money, in this country 🙁

  2. marcusdemowbray

    The only way I would believe this is a “Clerical Error” is if I was told that a whistle-blower within DWP had done this deliberately, in order to expose the process. Meanwhile, yesterday my partner received the letter notifying her of her next Assessment, and all the evidence she has to provide. She has an INCURABLE DEGENERATIVE condition and has already had several Assessments, one successful Appeal, been shunted to and fro between WRAG, PIP and other things, and has already provided ALL the required evidence and more SEVERAL TIMES. Yet agai her Doctor will need to write yet another letter to DWP, more travel, photocopying and postal costs for everyone involved, more stress, anxiety and depression, and (of course) far more Public Money being spent to harass a woman with an INCURABLE DEGENERATIVE condition.

  3. Mary Nolan

    Why are they getting away with their maladministration? How can this be happening? Sack the lot of them and bring them to justice, naming each and every one of them for causing the deaths of these poor people. They are behaving like the gestapo in world war two. Riding rough shod over everyone who is different by being disabled. It is sick and beyond belief. Do something now!

  4. Justin

    let’s face it with the dwp capability of getting so much wrong so easily this is no surprise and what happens when they get things wrong as in the case of two assessments i am currently working on, they send out a letter in response to a complaint saying it has been investigated fully and then they cannot investigate it as they have not got all the facts and only answer 3 of the questions,needless to say that got sent back to them with a one page reply telling them to answer all the questions raised in the complaint, good at excuses not good at fact, that is the capita/dwp method, still does not matter, they can answer there complaint like this all the time for all i care, this is going to the professional body and that is good evidence to put to a professional body that they cannot answer a complaint properly, let’s be honest though we need to keep them in the dwp, don’t give them responsible jobs, leave them there, it makes it easy for advocates to demolish idiots!!!

  5. wildthing666

    Just tell them you want the part to appeal to a tribunal then when they say they haven’t anything on record of you appealing tell them you will see them in court. Once they get the papers they will crap themselves. GO for the compensation of all out of pocket expenses and stress and harassment caused by the DWP.

  6. Dez

    The worst case of the computer says no ..in advance?…..ever. What is with this Government Department can they not find any real humans anymore, just reptiles? Run out of SS uniforms? What is that makes DWP such a low life organisation is there a special qualification for this type of subserviant behaviour to such a flawed government. Disgusting.

  7. Brian

    Anyone with any experience of communication admin will see straight through this scam, no way can this happen if it’s not a policy decision. Grave it is, systemic abuse proven.

  8. Liz Douglas

    Facebook blocking all of my posts and shares unable to share this even directly I must be getting on their nerves

  9. toocomplex4justice

    They have an easy solution for avoiding justice when they realise they have gone too far. Just destroy the letters and ignore you. The ombudsman and individual case examiners will not look at evidence unless a final decision is presented in correct format
    I’ve had them actually laugh at me on the phone and been ignored by the information officer when requesting copy of call.

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