Why do we never hear what the Tory Party does with its paedophiles?

Links: The Conservative Party’s connection with paedophiles goes back a long way – here’s a photo of former prime minister (and later baroness) Margaret Thatcher with Jimmy Savile.

We are not applying enough rigour to our examinations of the behaviour – or misbehaviour – of our politicians, especially when it comes to members of the Conservative Party who are paedophiles.

Many of these people rise to be mayors or deputy mayors of the councils in which they – for want of a better word – serve before their abominable crimes are discovered.

Here‘s the case of David Boswell, former Conservative mayor of Pembroke, who in June last year was convicted of raping a young girl, along with three other indecent assaults against her and another girl.

And here‘s Simon Thornton, formerly Conservative mayor of Godalming, who was involved in a three-year-long sexual relationship with a girl aged less than 16 and admitted a total of 20 child sex offences.

Or how about David Jackson, who became deputy mayor of Horley after being arrested for child sex offences? In November last year he was found guilty of indecently assaulting and sexually touching two young girls.

These cases were brought to my attention by Tim Ireland on Twitter – for one simple reason: Nobody in the Conservative Party leadership will say whether these perverts have been expelled from their party.

You’d think it was a straightforward matter – and therefore an easy question to answer.

But it seems neither Tory chairman Brandon Lewis, deputy James Cleverly or newly-appointed (and appropriately-titled) vice chairman Nigel Huddleston are willing to discuss it.

Mr Ireland has made his opinions clear in a series of Twitter, threads, some of which are worth quoting here:

Now other people are taking up this cause – and rightly so:

What do you think? Is it time the Conservatives came clean on the toleration of paedophiles within their party?

And while we’re discussing Tory behaviour on paedophilia, let’s remember that Theresa May “lost” 114 files referring to alleged cases of paedophilia when she was Home Secretary.

That is a level of incompetence that should have resulted in her dismissal from government.

Instead, she became prime minister.


12 thoughts on “Why do we never hear what the Tory Party does with its paedophiles?

  1. Phil L

    “That is a level of incompetence that should have resulted in her dismissal from government.

    Instead, she became prime minister.”

    Anybody else see a pattern emerging here…

    William Hague “loses” a file on child abuse in a Welsh children’s home given to him when he was Secretary of State for Wales and gets made leader of the Conservative party, then, after buying a TV company that was producing a documentary exposing establishment child sex abuse when a senior executive of Carlton TV and squashing the documentary, David Cameron becomes leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.

    It seems clear to me that one of the primary qualifications required to become the leader of the Conservative Party is to have been involved in covering up and hiding establishment child abuse…

  2. Rik

    Seems strange that it’s always the important files that go missing or destroyed like in the windrush case. .
    and that’s that I suppose . .
    Peoples lives destroyed because of their blunders & racism . . Jimmy Saville was above the law it seems . . I saw a film a while back called V for Vendetta .. that was kind of thought provoking. .

  3. nmac064

    Hundreds of tons of whitewash – it’s the Tory way. We have never been told exactly how these files were “lost” on May’s watch as Home Secretary. Was a scapegoat found and has anyone been disciplined?

  4. kateuk

    Maybe it’s like the MPs that were suspended for sexual abuse, they get unsuspended as soon as it’s politically expedient

  5. corneleus51

    They are miles above the law! Like doctors getting “Struck off” is normally temporary and the subject normally continues getting paid during the short period of absence! It is not hard to see exactly where the mantra of “Money goes to money.” is founded. The rule of the rich keeps them rich and allows them to perform their perversions without persecution!

  6. Tim Draper

    TM’s father Minister Hubert Brasier was a man that had a number of colleagues and friends who became convicted sex offenders/ paedophiles. It is alleged that TM or those close to her have spent a good deal of time eliminating articles that investigate her father.

  7. Mik

    From what we know, tory paedophiles get promoted, they get knighthood, they also receive very large payouts and 7 figure bonuses .. To start with..

  8. David

    I’m sure ‘lessons will be learned’, or some such meaningless platitude. Or something. Or the silence will just continue….

  9. Sam Rolfe

    A little unfair labeling the Tory Party when in fact it was a cabal inside the left-wing BBC that harboured these guys, get it right. You might also do some research on how corrupt the Labour party is, while your at it.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The BBC? Left-wing?
      I suppose that’s what passes for comedy these days.
      It couldn’t possibly be considered fact as once again there is no factual evidence supplied to support your claims.

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