Labour officer shared video about anti-Semitism ‘smear’ and everybody is saying the same thing

Kevin Schofield of Politics Home: He’s been stirring up more pointless accusations against the Labour Party.

I have a feeling PoliticsHome didn’t expect this.

“Jules Rutherford, who is due to start her new job as Labour’s head of membership on Monday, retweeted a post condemning the ‘smears against the party leader’,” the site trumpeted yesterday (July 6).

The tweet was by one Jack Jazz, although it could have been by one of many people. It linked to a video in which Professor Norman Finkelstein described the anti-semitism claims as “witch-hunt hysteria”.

Here’s the tweet, with the video. As you can see, Prof Finkelstein – who is himself Jewish, let’s not forget – makes a convincing case for a “conspiracy” against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Ms Rutherford has apparently deleted her Twitter account in response to a backlash from the usual holier-than-thous – but it seems this may have been premature.

Ordinary people across the social media are standing up for her.

Here‘s Pete Flynn on Twitter: “Jules Rutherford retweets Jack Jazz who has posted an interview with Jewish Professor Norman Finkelstein saying that allegations of anti-semitism are being used to smear the Labour leadership & Party. And you’re suggesting this is a bad thing because?”

Someone going by the fantastic name of Julie bag o doughnuts added: “Shes spreading the truth and sticking up for members , that’s exactly who we want , well done@Jules Rutherford”

There’s this:

(And let’s all remember that the Board of Deputies is a big gang of unelected nobodies.)

And Tony Greenstein, a Jew who has himself been smeared as an anti-Semite, had this to say to PoliticsHome editor Kevin Schofield:

His comments on the quality of the journalism may well be justified. There are, after all, lots of websites run by people who call themselves journalists – look at the Times, Telegraph, Mail and Express sites if you don’t believe me – but in fact have no qualifications at all and it would be interesting to see if Mr Schofield’s fides are bona.

Many other Twitter examples are available.

“Yes It is a smear,” stated Alan Price on Facebook. “Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t have [an] antisemitic bone in his body. Yes our rapid membership expansion pulled in a few twats. And yes a few of our members conflated extreme Zionism with being Jewish. That’s something to address and confront, but to say the Labour party is antisemitic, to say Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic, that is a smear.”

His comment on the Labour for Democratic Socialism page was supported by many others, who stated Ms Rutherford’s tweet was “Someone being honest”, “Reasonable enough. Good on her”, and “About right to me”.

But of course the witch-hunt had to rear its hideous head. Linda Ellis wrote: “Oh dear she will regret it they will take her job away for being honest,” and efforts are already being made to do that – an online petition has been launched, calling for Ms Rutherford’s removal.

But we can all see, by now, how juvenile this witch-hunt really is.

There is no evidence against Jules Rutherford. She retweeted an evidence-packed interview with a Jewish man whose parents survived the holocaust, let’s not forget, who nailed the accusers forensically.

The great thinking Noam Chomsky – also Jewish – has also spoken up in support of Chris Williamson, another victim of the witch-hunt.

This tide is turning. The screamers can’t claim to be standing up for Jewish people when Jewish people are standing against them.

They’ll try to smear those people – both Prof Finkelstein and Mr Chomsky have been accused in the past – but the mud won’t stick.

In the end, the spotlight will turn. And then we’ll be asking what Mr Schofield, Marie van der Zyl and all the other witch-hunters expected to gain from their smears.

Source: EXCL Labour’s new head of membership shared video claiming anti-semitism was smear against Jeremy Corbyn |


  1. Christopher Phillips July 7, 2019 at 1:19 pm - Reply

    Jeremy Corbyn is anything BUT antisemitic. I am convinced that some of those accusing him of antisemtism, are themselves being antisemtic. Jeremy wants PEACE and love to occur between two semitic Races. THAT is NOT being antisemtic. It is PRO-Semitic. I know of many Jews who support him.

    • Mike Sivier July 7, 2019 at 4:23 pm - Reply

      Philo-Semitic, apparently.

  2. John Brodie July 7, 2019 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    Finkelstein’s parents didn’t die in the Holocaust, they both survived and the lessons he learned from them, particularly his mother I think, are the reason why he will not take any of this shit. Other than that, bang on.

    • Mike Sivier July 7, 2019 at 4:22 pm - Reply

      I knew that. Brain must have skipped a track when I was writing.

  3. Zippi July 8, 2019 at 3:51 am - Reply

    The other danger is, of course, that by putting anti-Semitism back into the public consciousness, you create a fertile ground for its resurgence. What is required, for those 6% – 8% is a programme of education and £abour would have done well to introduce such a programme. It would have shown that it is taking the issue seriously, more so, in my opinion, that the reckless purging exercise, which, I believe, the troublemakers would have had trouble criticising. Every capitulation has served only to damage the Party and Jeremy Corbyn and make Jewish people targets, which, I’m guessing, is the point. How irresponsible! To quote Kenneth Stern, “when you make it about Jews, you lose.”

    • Mike Sivier July 14, 2019 at 10:48 am - Reply

      But who runs this education programme? JLM? Board of Deputies? Both are strong supporters of the current Israeli government who deliberately confuse anti-Semitism with opposition to that administration and its decisions. They would try to brainwash people, I am sure

  4. Florence July 8, 2019 at 10:53 am - Reply

    I had to comfort an elderly lady, life long Labour member, in the supermarket recently. She was in tears next to the newstand, and asked “am I anti semitic? Why do they say I’m antisemitic?” I was able to comfort her, and say that neither she nor I were antisemites because we are party members. This is exactly what “they” want. Decent people, smeared and demonized. Confusion, and hurt. Chris W was absolutely right, we can’t continue to carry this lie.

  5. SIMON BLOCK July 10, 2019 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    Your article ends with a question asking what the witch-hunters expect to gain from their smearing. We don’t have to wait for the tide to completely turn to answer that. They expect to unthrone Corbyn from the leadership. It’s hardly a conspiracy theory to suggest that the Israeli government baulks at the idea of a British PM (should it happen) who has fervently campaigned for Palestinian rights for decades; and is working to prevent such an eventuality through its friends in the British jewish community who operate in organisations such as the JLM and the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

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