Why are asymptomatic #Eton pupils getting #Covid tests that the rest of us can’t have?

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Eton: all the pupils have had Covid-19 tests, whether they needed one or not. By sharp contrast, just you try getting one!

It seems the timing of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s comments about “carping” over Covid-19 tests has turned the issue into a farce.

As reported on This Site earlier, complaints have been rising because people have been sent miles – sometimes hundreds of miles – out of their way for tests.

This Site reported a few days ago that the government seems to have ordered some testing centres to shut, even though they still had usable tests.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 infections are soaring across the UK, with nearly 4,000 new cases announced on September 16 and outbreaks in more than 1,000 schools.

In Parliament, Rees-Mogg said:

“The issue of testing is one where we have gone from a disease that nobody knew about a few months ago to one where nearly a quarter of a million people a day can be tested.

“And the prime minister is expecting that to go up to half a million people a day by the end of October.

“And instead of this endless carping saying it’s difficult to get them, we should be celebrating this phenomenal success of the British nation in getting up to a quarter of a million tests for a disease that nobody knew about until earlier in the year.

“That is a success of our scientists or health experts and of our administration.”

This Site stated earlier that apparently the only way to be sure of a test in Rees-Mogg’s Tory UK is to pay for it – or to be a member of Parliament like him.

To that, we can now add that pupils at private schools can also be sure of a test – even if they don’t have any symptoms.

This is embarrassing for Rees-Mogg and the government as they had been “carping” about asymptomatic people clogging up the testing system.

Ordinary people have leapt to point out the obvious inconsistency:

Oleg here has all the discussion we need:

You wrote the book in a single sentence there, Oleg!

People who need Covid tests are being denied them because the children of the rich were given privileged access.

And the government that is presiding over this corruption convinced many of us who are going without that they were the best people for the job.

It’s bad enough that those people lack intelligence; now, thanks to this decision, the Tories are robbing them of their health as well.

Source: Coronavirus: Jacob Rees-Mogg criticises ‘carping’ over tests – BBC News

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  1. Jeffrey Davies September 18, 2020 at 5:16 am - Reply

    The peasants are nothings but those toffs and children
    Are of a different order nothings to great to keep
    Them safe untill the peasants wake up to the fact
    It’s them and not us

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