Image of #Whitty confronting #Johnson over #Covid19 goes viral. What WAS he saying?

Whitty furious: but what was the UK’s chief medical officer saying to the prime minister who has bungled our defence against Covid-19 so badly?

Remember the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It seems the above image of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty tearing Boris Johnson a new one has merited many thousands more:

That last tweet seems the most likely to be true, profanity-ridden though it is.

The image accompanied a Spectator article by Robert Peston in which that “magazine” heralded a report by the Office for National Statistics that is likely to say Covid-19 is on the march again everywhere, not just in regional pockets.

It is also likely to say that while the illness is rising in all age groups, it is now most prevalent in young people aged 17-29.

The article goes on to discuss the latest plan to stop the march of the virus, by forcing pubs, clubs and restaurants nationally to turf out customers at 10 pm or reverting to closing them altogether for a couple of weeks.

Apparently the name devised for this is “circuit breaker lockdown”, the aim being to interrupt the progress of the virus by stopping its flow along an established route.

Bit of a misnomer, that, as closing pubs at 10pm isn’t going to stop Covid being spread through them.

In any case, the damage has already been done; it’s fixing the barn door after the chicken has come home to roost.

The simple fact is that Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and their cronies (who don’t like being challenged, according to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, remember) should not have reopened pubs in the way they did after such a haphazard campaign to keep a lid on the virus.

And that’s what I suspect Whitty was saying when the image was captured.

The article does highlight the real aim of Johnson’s Covid-related restrictions on our freedoms:

The priority of the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, is to suppress the incidence of the virus to a level that doesn’t prevent the NHS from treating other diseases and conditions.

So the idea is to infect the whole nation, piecemeal – presumably in the hope of eventually achieving that mythical “herd immunity” Johnson mentioned to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby back in March.

And never mind how many people die or suffer permanent health consequences as a result. Charming.

Peston, and the Spectator, also suggests that Johnson and his government “moved too late to prevent the first wave”, and “eventually applied the sledgehammer of total lockdown at huge economic cost”.

This seems characteristic of many right-wing periodicals; they are deserting the Tories – and in fact have started to criticise them hotly over the Covid fiasco.

Guardian article points out that the same magazine – The Spectator – ran a “Where’s Boris?” cartoon on its front cover “featuring a distant blond dot on a tiny boat bobbing rudderless and oarless on a stormy sea”.

The Daily Mail had reached a similar conclusion. “Boris: We’ve Failed” the front-page headline blared, with the paper claiming it had warned of a “looming test crisis five months ago”.

“Too often the government has over-promised and under-delivered,” concluded a leader in the Times on Friday morning. “Policies have had to be swiftly abandoned after the exposure of entirely predictable problems,” the centre-right broadsheet continued, adding the A-level fiasco and the problems with the contact-tracing app for good measure.

Of course they’re not willing to shift loyalty away from the Tories altogether… at least, not yet.

Labour leader Keir Starmer, for all his attempts to drag his party back into Tory orbit (and perhaps because of it) has failed to impress anybody apart from the most fervent haters of the man he replaced, Jeremy Corbyn. That party will need to find a new leader with a drop of socialism in his blood and a penchant for a decent soundbite. That’s not happening any time soon.

But just look at that picture.

This Writer has never seen a middle-aged bald man look so ready to smash somebody else’s face in – and I make that statement as a middle-aged, bald man myself.

It seems clear that Johnson is at a crossroads – but has probably sold his soul to the devil already. He’s on a road to a Hell of his own making – the question now is whether he’ll drag us all down with him.

Source: With scientists divided, it’s time for politicians to decide | The Spectator


  1. Grey Swans September 19, 2020 at 2:11 am - Reply

    Labour is dead and should cease.

    Why not have Vox Political blog talk more about Chris Williamson’s new socialist movement, to which a large number have joined, of ex Labour party members who were Corbynite?

    Starmer is not screaming from the rooftops about the Tories yet again abandoning treatment of old people tested Covid19 positive in NHS hospitals, but just sending them to care homes to die a lonely, miserable death, without oxygen, cup of tea or a bun, let alone a relative’s hand in passing.

    And why assume they will die. People from age 60 to 100 people, worldwide, have had oxygen and anti-viral medicines in hospitals and survived Covid19.

    And what about anything else the elderly suffer from. The 1950s women have received DNR notices from GPs, that are nothing of the sort, but just a denial of access to NHS care, full stop.

    Labour is complicit in this moral ‘manslaughter’ of older people.

  2. gillyflowerblog September 19, 2020 at 6:57 am - Reply

    Off topic, but I like the new look of the site

  3. Hecuba September 19, 2020 at 10:25 am - Reply

    Whitty is furious with lardy fascist dictator boris but in reality all those boys in that room are accountable for instigating state sanctioned mass murder of thousands and thousands of women and men!! Now the pandemic is happening all over again as predicted and the callous greedy boys are rushing to claim ‘not our fault guv it’s him over there!’ The callous unscrupulous fascist tory newspapers too are rushing to claim ‘not our fault guv it’s that lardy fascist boris who is responsible. We just need a good fascist tory government – time to elect a new fascist leader and then everything will be fine!’

    Starmer and his labour MPs also enacting the dutiful ‘bending the knee to lardy dictator fascist boris so nothing will change! The private corporate companies will have wealth beyond their dreams and us peasants will all die from the virus!

    The private test and trace system is a joke but no one is saying this! Italy is enacting a real test and trace system and yes they are contacting individuals who have come into contact with the contaminated person/persons. But little england maintains its myth of utopia! Everything is right in little england’s world!

    It’s not rocket science knowing how to contain a pandemic! But the fascist tories destroyed the local Public health Officials who would know where the ‘hot spots are’ and replaced this with what??? Corporate investment companies being given huge sums of money to undertake work they have no qualifications for whatsoever! This is why little england is suffering – but not the big wealthy boys – they are ensuring their protection!

    77,000+ women and men died from the coronavirus from March to July 2020 but media constantly reduces numbers because apparently the pandemic wasn’t that bad!

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