Do the police know what is a lockdown breach, and what isn’t? Boris Johnson seems not to!

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Oops! (And the BBC didn’t help by placing Bristol further away from London than it actually is.)

The Conservative government has created more confusion over rules regarding exercise during lockdown – and the police are taking the flak for it.

It’s easy to understand why. There is no justification for this:

The incident occurred in Bournemouth, and it seems to This Writer that it is perfectly reasonable for a woman to take a seat and rest for a moment while taking her day’s exercise.

The issue has come to prominence after Derbyshire police withdrew £200 fines it imposed:

I don’t understand this. The rules demand that we exercise in our local area: “the village, town, or part of the city where you live.” So the fines were justified.

On the other hand, there is no excuse for this:

Councillors – especially Conservative councillors – should know exactly what the rules are, and in any case it is common sense that if you have the disease that has been killing more than a thousand people every day, you don’t go out and transmit your infection into the atmosphere of the locality.

It seems the Tories learned nothing at all from Dominic Cummings’s controversial jolly to Barnard Castle, last summer.

And the prime minister certainly has no excuse. However:

Not acceptable! Where’s his £200 fine?

Worse still:

This was beyond the pale, for obvious reasons:

That’s two offences. Doesn’t the fine increase for multiple offenders?

Yet Johnson gets away with it.

For that reason alone, any fine imposed by the police is unsafe. The law must be applied equally to everybody.

Considering other recent events, though, This Writer has to wonder whether Johnson thought he could rely on the BBC to help him get away with it.

Even now he’s probably thinking, if only the Corporation’s map-makers had placed Bristol closer to London, instead of further away, his breach might have gone unremarked.

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  1. Zippi January 12, 2021 at 6:28 pm - Reply

    This is utterly ridicluous! I have heard media and political commentators focus on the distance that his activities were from Downing Street and others saying that, if he went for a long cycle ride that took him to, I believe, the Olympic Park, that was within the rules. The Prime Minister went for a cycle ride IN ANOTHER BOROUGH! This, to me, is NOT local. What was wrong with Hyde Park, or St. James’s Park? These are local to Downing Street. Furthermore, does not 10 Downing Street have a rather large garden? He could have taken his exercise there.
    Again, the focus is on the wrong things, for political capital, thus confusing people, creating unnecessary conflict and giving people who are looking for any excuse not to comply, reasons not to comply.
    This isn’t, or shouldn’t be about rules. It is about safety; OUR safety. We should know, instinctively, what we need and need not to do. Don’t go anywhere, unless you have to, don’t see anybody, unless you have to and when you do, wear a mask and keep your distance and wash your hands. In the absence of a cure, this is still our best defence. A vaccine is not a cure. The rules, guidance, advice should be there to help people. Our own sense of self preservation should be our primary motivator but sadly, that seems not to be the case.
    This virus became pandemic, because of human behaviour and human behaviour will determine its path, how widespread the infection, the death toll and how our society is able to operate, these all depend on how we behave. This is what people need to understand. I was watching Politics £ive (11th January) and was screaming at the screen! All of the politicians, commentators and media people completely missed the point! This is about safety and behaviour, not rules, or fines. People who don’t know what the rules are should still be able to act in the interests of their own safety and that of their families, in short try not to die. This shouldn’t be an imposition, in fact, we should WANT to do what is necessary, for precisely that reason, it shouldn’t be for government to mandate what we should and shouldn’t do. The more risky people become, the more people will die and the longer we’ll be stuck in this.
    Until we have a situation in which a significant proportion of the population has been vaccinated, the only thing that can control this is us. People should be encouraged to do as little as is possible. Again, don’t go out, unless you have to. Don’t see anybody, unless you have to and when you do, wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands. If you don’t come into contact with it, you can’t spread it. Most of us live with other people so we can take it home, or take it out. If you must go out, avoid crowded, poorly ventilated spaces. We catch it from people so keep away from them, or spend as little time with them as possible. It really is that simple. Consider what is necessary and avoid anything that isn’t. If you follow the politicians etc. you’ll end up down a rabbit hole. The virus has one job, the replicate and it needs us in order to do it. The power lies with us.
    Stay safe, people!

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