Never mind her antics: Priti Patel would have DEPORTED members of the England football team

Priti Patel: this is a more accurate representation of the image she should have had on her shirt.

Priti Patel really has a nerve.

Only a few days ago, she was saying she saw nothing wrong with racist football fans booing the England Euro 2020 squad for ‘taking the knee’ before its matches.

That was before Gareth Southgate’s team won a place in the final, of course.

Now look at her:

Just wait until somebody tells her that her idea of good immigration law would have denied eight of the 11 team members their place in the team she now supports so fanatically:

As it is, she seems intent on criminalising the Royal National Lifeboat Institution with her proposed new laws to stop us saving refugees from death. Get your head around this:

Here’s the relevant part of the legislation:

That’s right – for seeing somebody in desperate need and saving their life, you could be imprisoned for the rest of yours under Patel’s (and her boss Boris Johnson’s) dictatorial, fascist regime.

Perhaps the worst indictment against her is that she can’t deny that her proposals would have outlawed initiatives like the Kindertransport that saved hundreds of Jewish children from Nazi death camps by bringing them to safety in the UK before the outbreak of World War II:

I wonder how well that plays with her friends in Israeli politics?

Of course, that law hasn’t been enacted yet, so we can all enjoy this:

Final word:

So much for Patel.

If you want to admire a political figure who supports the England team in an honest way, here’s the Left’s Grace Blakely:

2 thoughts on “Never mind her antics: Priti Patel would have DEPORTED members of the England football team

  1. Hecuba

    Wonderful little fascist dictator duck johnson and his fascist tory cronies are now criminalising anyone who dares to rescue anyone from the sea!! Make no mistake – anyone attempting to rescue a drowning individual must first ascertain the drowning person’s identity and whether or not they are legal citizens of fascist little england! If not – let the person drown!

    But but the fascist regime has the support of xenophobic and racist little englanders because this mob voted for our dictatorship!

    Why hasn’t little fascist dictator duck johnson been deported? Given he isn’t English because he was born in the USA!

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