EU bid to stockpile gas has worked, meaning prices are coming down. Good news!

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This being a bank holiday weekend, This Writer is either otherwise occupied or almost totally incapacitated, so I’m putting up material that has interested me – and I hope it interests you. Make of it what you will:

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  1. JM September 18, 2022 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    er, we not in europe anymore…? not that it matters for me :-(

  2. mohandeer September 19, 2022 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    Germany blocked the Nordstream 2 after it was completed by refusing to sign it off back in 2021 and a turbine on Nordstream 1 was sent to Siemens in Canada(of the 5 eyes) for repair and Canada held on to it for more than two months. Even after they had repaired it, Canada refused to return it to Russia and instead sent it to Siemens in Germany who will not return it to Russia, as per her Scholtz the chancellor.
    As a consequence of this German & EU malice, Nordstream 1 is running at 20% capacity and the rest of the world is facing the consequences of that malice. From all the reports I have been looking at, the rest of the world is getting angrier by the day.
    We now have 23 countries queuing up to join BRICS+ and the BRI and trying to dump their guilts and dollar treasuries in order to make the change to an alternative currency based on their own and the 3 R’s: Remnibi, Ruble and Rupee.
    For any prat to announce that Putin is the one trying to use energy as a weapon is rather typical of the failed NATO/US/EU/UK propaganda. They (and us in the IUK) are shooting themselves in both feet & in the head and are making those of us who are not aware of their perfidy, pay the price for their dishonesty.
    A trend is now building whereby more and more countries are looking to move away from not only the dollar, but the Euro & British pound.
    People should use the internet more to find out what is going on around the world. Britain, despite our belief that we have a superior democracy and have freedom of speech, are, in fact so propagandized and censored we are unable to grasp a small detail that has not escaped many other countries.
    In both Russia and China people are allowed to criticise any aspect of malfeasance within their government or their armed forces breaking International law, something we in Britain are no longer allowed to do with any degree of safety from reprisal and possible internment at HM’s pleasure.
    The BBC shows Russia arresting demonstrators as an example of that country’s “repression” while failing to note that:
    a) the demonstrators were arrested not for demonstrating, but for demonstrating in areas where they were NOT allowed to be (just as is the same in this country) and
    b) many of the demonstrations were in fact, advocating against the US/NATO/EU/UK injustices against the Russian people.
    The BBC cherry pick the demonstrators but panning out further with their cameras would show the wording on the signs they were holding up and that would never do – in case anyone back in Britain could read and understand the words.
    The problem with trying to misinterpret other countries actions as demonstrably violating human rights and free speech is that sometimes it comes back to biting one in the arse as has been shown by news reporting elsewhere in the world where they are not deliberately false reporting but are just reporting with attendant footage unseen in the west to back it up.
    THAT is why I avoid so-called news reporting in British media and go to foreign news reporting sites and investigative journalist platforms.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

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