Another documentary slams Starmer’s Labour. Watch Labour: The Big Lie

Labour: what will the latest documentary reveal?

As the Labour Party Conference closes, here’s yet another documentary that Keir Starmer will be hoping won’t attract any media attention – so please tell everybody about it.

The world premiere of Labour: The Big Lie is currently taking place online. Visit this site to see it – but be quick because it’s only on until midnight on Thursday, September 29.

The premise is very simple: Jeremy Corbyn led a movement that caused shock waves in the global establishment. Who brought it down?

Narrated by Alexei Sayle, this 75 minute long documentary feature from Platform Films reveals an extraordinary story of intrigue and conspiracy that the mainstream media has systematically ignored.

There will a screening in a London cinema in the last week of October at a venue to be advised. It will be advertised on the Platform Films website at

This Writer has not seen it yet, so I can’t say how good or bad it is – although Alexei Sayle’s participation is encouraging.

So if you pop over and watch the film, be sure to come back and tell us all what you think of it.

7 thoughts on “Another documentary slams Starmer’s Labour. Watch Labour: The Big Lie

  1. David Jonson

    Why don’t they just put the flipping film on flipping youtube ? None of the links you posted are to the flipping film either…

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The links were to the film. You can see the text on the landing page saying “watch the film below”.

      1. David Jonson

        Well, the film is there now but wasn’t before… I don’t see the utility of this stuff anyway – it’s just miserabilism IMHO.

  2. Martin Odoni

    I’ve seen it, although it’s only a 55-minute version; a bit like the Al-Jazeera ones, the full-length version will follow later.

    It’s pretty good, does a good job of exposing the nasty attitudes of the staff at party HQ and the right wing Labour MPs. But maddeningly, when addressing the anti-Semitism semi-fantasy, it’s another rebuff that forgets to go into the real numbers involved i.e. 56 out of 600,000 members. This leaves it sounding just open enough to be questioned, instead of slamming the lid firmly closed on it..

  3. David Jonson

    Well, they’ve added it since then because the video at the top of that link was the 12 hour “Future of the Left” one this morning…

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