In the final days before the local elections, remember what the Tories have done to you

The ballot box: people across England and Northern Ireland will be voting in local government elections on Thursday (May 4). If you’re among them, have you taken time to think about the havoc Tories in Westminster have caused to your council and its services?

If you’re an ordinary member of the public who is not a Tory donor or friend, or a big businessperson, then you have absolutely no reason to vote ‘Conservative’ in the local elections in England and Northern Ireland on Thursday.

Big businesses have made a fortune from Conservative government…

… and so have company bosses. But you are losing more cash with every day of Tory rule that passes:

Bear in mind that top chief executive officers already received huge payments for what they did, so a four per cent rise is equal to a lot of money.

Meanwhile, your 2.5 per cent cut is based on an average income of £28,000, meaning a loss of £700. Could you do with £700 right now?

(I could.)

Of course, Tory plans mean you will lose more money in the near future. Do you have any idea how much they’re dragging out of us all in tax?

So in the couple of days that are left, how about spending a moment thinking about what Tory policies have given to you – and how much they have taken away.

1 thought on “In the final days before the local elections, remember what the Tories have done to you

  1. Lynn Jenks

    The problem is that this election is close to the coronation. As Open Democracy point out, a big state occasion tends to bring people together under the yoke of the establishment, leading to a general leaning to the right politically. I wonder if this influenced the setting of the date for the election?

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