Where will left-wing voters go, now that Keir Starmer has joined the Conservatives?

Tricky times: his right-wing policies mean he is unlikely to be able to form a government on his own – but can Keir Starmer be persuaded to turn left AFTER an election, in alliance with anti-Tory parties?

After Keir Starmer’s announcement that he doesn’t mind if people accuse him of being a Conservative, will voters abandon his version of the Labour Party in search of a new hope?

Starmer’s gamble – and perhaps his fatal flaw – is his belief that socialist, or at least left-wing, voters simply don’t have anywhere to go other than his neoliberal, right-wing party if they want to get the Tories out of office.

Novara Media‘s Aaron Bastani, writing in The Post, reckons he is mistaken:

from the embers of Corbynism, and a seeming ambivalence towards Starmer, an outline for the second half of the 2020s starts to emerge. In it, the Tories collapse — in the Red Wall to Labour and across their own heartlands to the resurgent Liberal Democrats — while the Greens emerge as a serious party across much of England.

I think Bastani himself is mistaken to put any faith in the Lib Dems. Too many of us remember their Coalition with a Conservative Party that could not win a Parliamentary majority on its own in 2010, ushering in the current age of austerity, privatisation, wage suppression and price inflation.

But his vision of a Labour government with little or no Parliamentary majority may still come true, albeit possibly with Independent MPs who Starmer ejected from Labour taking the place of the LDs.

Either way, with Starmer unlikely to win an election outright because his policies are too unpopular, he will be vulnerable to influence from the parties whose support he’ll need if he’s to pass any legislative programme at all.

He’ll have to do some horse-trading, and this means allowing some legislation that the other parties want. This creates an opening to bring in proportional representation again – not via a referendum in which the gullible may be tricked with lies, but by direct legislation. And why not? I don’t recall being given a choice about the voting system in the Welsh Assembly.

As for other policies, it depends how the new Parliament is composed. If the Liberal Democrats gain a significant number of seats, then it may be business as usual for the right-wing Establishment as, apart from a few cosmetic differences, a Lab-Lib coalition or confidence and supply arrangement will be little different from the current Conservative government.

But if left-wing, former Labour representatives gain a serious foothold, then the door may be opened for policies such as re-nationalisation of public utilities. Bastani indicates that Conservative voters want to see the Royal Mail re-nationalised anyway – but if it’s not a Labour manifesto commitment, it won’t earn Starmer any support.

So I reckon it will be for left-wing MPs to sort out with StarmerLabour after the election – if they get the chance.

Then again, Bastani reckons there will be huge pressure on Labour MPs and candidates – before the election – to address issues like the housing crisis.

But how are we supposed to do that?

MPs are easy to contact – they have to carry out regular “surgeries” that are open to the public and that’s how they learn what their voters want. Have you ever been to one? The alternatives are opinion polls, which are generally carried out on a national scale and may not represent what your constituency needs, or the ideas of those who spread their opinions across the letter columns of newspapers.

Representatives of other parties in your constituency are harder to find – or influence. Some may have local offices through which they may be contacted; others may have to be sought via their national headquarters.

But how can you guarantee to influence your party of choice? Labour’s attitude lately is to ignore anybody who isn’t Keir Starmer – and to accuse those who put forward radical alternatives to current party police.

It seems you are unsafe, wherever you go.

This Writer’s advice would be for anyone who is interested in their future – or indeed, in having any future at all – to contact as many of the established parties as possible, to discover their current policy platform.

If none of them conform with what you want – and you should make yourself expressly plain on that – then it will be time to ask someone to stand as an independent, if nobody has already come forward.

Whatever you choose to do, there is a long way to go – especially if you choose to do nothing at all.

And remember:

There is no guarantee that Starmer won’t simply ally Labour with the Conservatives; his lust for power really does seem to be that strong. What will you do then?

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7 thoughts on “Where will left-wing voters go, now that Keir Starmer has joined the Conservatives?

  1. flttymartyn

    Starmer just doesn’t care about anything, or anyone bar himself and his own self interest. I truly hope that his racist, fake labour, tory party fails dismally at the next General election….along with Sunak’s tory criminal cartel! Starmer must be the worst, totally and criminally incompetent MP that has ever poluted and poisoned the labour party!

  2. Stu

    My Daughter reaches 40 years of age this year and I reminded her that in her lifetime she has only ever seen a Right-Wing Government (I include Blair’s New Labour).
    My suggestion for her future and that of my Grandchildren is to pursue “Kinder Politics” wherever possible.
    Right Wingers are inward looking and serve only themselves, they help their friends only if there’s something in it for them too.

    Left Wingers think freely and promote growth by sharing their thoughts, wealth and innovations for the greater good of humanity, so there really is no other choice but to pursue this ideal to avoid further stagnation and exploitation – is there?

  3. Grey Swans

    The purged out of Labour ignore the reality that the Grey Vote are the last age group sufficiently turning out to vote. I began my project for oven ready (updated Corbyn manifesto plus omitted Grey Vote policies, especially 1950s to 1980s ladies) new Over 50s & Young Labouring Ages party, in the hope of gaining the purged, but they have all run to already registered parties, none of which has ever won a general election, due to lack of Grey Vote policies.

    My project cannot continue without my personal unlimited page package website, which needs renewing 1 June. Asking just for £2 or £5 as you can help please.

  4. kateuk

    You can’t put a fag paper between the Tories, Labour or the Lib Dems. I think Green is the only viable alternative. The only reason I’m still just clinging onto my Labour Party membership is in case there is another leadership election so that I can vote. I may not stay that long if thigs go on like this, as obviously another candidate like Corbyn won’t be allowed to stand anyway.

  5. clove888

    I will be seeking for any socialist independent, or one of the new parties emerging from this mess like the breakthrough party, the workers party GB The socialist party, TUSC. These parties need some recognition out there so that people know there are alternatives. The greens are an option but they are absolutely not socialists. When Jeremy Corbyn was leader Labour embraced a green agenda abut the greens do not embrace socialism. In fact Brighton was lost by the greens in the council elections because of the fines imposed upon people if they failed to recycle properly. The greens are not ready for power. There is still so much that needs to be put into place before we can all take up that challenge and I expect it will be too late as neither of the main parties will be doing that under Tory like rule.

  6. Grey Swans

    Labour has allied with the Tories in the past. Seen with 1931, 1935 and 1983 general elections.

    Some Labour MPs in UK history have told the public to vote Tory against a sitting Labour candidate.

    I believe even Labour’s founder, Keir Hardie, was pushed out of Labour for refusing to stop supporting the Suffragettes.

    No old or new Left wing party has come anywhere close to winning a general election, with Greens the same enemy of the vital Grey Vote, that are the last age group sufficiently turning out to vote.

    Admin Grey Swans pension group’s project, of keeping updated Corbyn’s manifesto (as Tories use chunks of it, but only to help rich donors) from campaigners’ petition details, so continues to be written by the people and 1950s and 1960s ladies’ sufferings, will come to an end if cannot renew the unlimited website pages package, which fund-raise by crowdfunder ends 1 June, when renewal due.


    Contact me through website http://www.over50sparty.org.uk if you want to help bring the party into reality, to beat the coming more Tory than the Tories Labour and Lib Dems coalition government.

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