Refugees: Grace Blakeley explains (and hammers) Tory ‘divide and rule’ tactic

A right-wing TV pundit had his arse handed to him when he tried to invoke the Tory tactic of ‘divide and rule’ to turn viewer opinion against people who have travelled to the UK in search of asylum.

Grace Blakeley, one of the UK’s brighter political commentators, pointed out exactly why his argument is utter rubbish, as highlighted by Maximilien Robespierre here:

Yes: if the issue is our treatment of Johnny and Janey Foreigner, the right-wingers tell us they are our enemy; but if the issue is accommodation of working-class people, they tell middle-class people that the workers are the baddies.

They always “other” the people who have the least. In fact, in most cases, fault lies with those who have the most. How did they get all that wealth and why are they hoarding it?

Keep the link to this clip handy; you can use it if you identify further attempts to use this false argument.

1 thought on “Refugees: Grace Blakeley explains (and hammers) Tory ‘divide and rule’ tactic

  1. Hecuba

    Grace Blakeley succincty destroyed the common fascist lie that it is always ‘those over there who are to blame for everything!’ Scapegoating powerless groups and individuals works so well because it keeps focus off the greedy billionaires and millionaires who continue to increase their wealth whilst the poor and disadvantaged are blamed for their situation! Looking especially at the greedy fascist tory billionaires who know this lie works so well!

    Time the wealthy were taxed because all that money can be used to provide real financial support to the most disadvantaged but it would mean the fascist billionaires will see their wealth being ‘dented slightly!’

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