Fox form foul-up means he’s barred from London Mayor election

Laurence Fox’s last-minute dash to join the London Mayoral election has failed, because he didn’t fill in his forms correctly.

It seems the Reclaim Party leader’s team did not meet London Elects, the organisation responsible for running the election, until late on March 26, the day before nominations closed.

The paperwork was incomplete at that time, but it was submitted shortly before nominations closed the following day – and was then found to contain errors. By then it was too late for them to be corrected.

Election officials said nomination papers from two boroughs did not have the 10 supporters required, while three supporters from other boroughs “could not be reconciled to voter register records”.

Our friends on the social media have been having fun with this. Here’s what they reckon happened:

Better luck next time, Larry!

Still, his nomination for election to the London Assembly is in order so he might get a consolation prize.

Source: Laurence Fox barred from London mayor race after forms error

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  1. El Dee March 29, 2024 at 11:10 pm - Reply

    Fox is an extremist and an idiot BUT it is a great irony that the same reason used to keep Boris Nadezhdin from running against Putin is being used to prevent him from throwing his hat into the ring. I’d rather he ran and was soundly rejected by the electorate. NB Boris Nadezhdin’s story was that the authorities said he had 900 irregularities in his nominations compared to Fox’s 291..

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