The file the DWP doesn’t want you to see

My reblog of ‘FAKE DWP ‘test’ reveals sinister govt ‘psy-war’ provoked so much comment and controversy on my own site yesterday that I feel bound to reblog the follow-up as well. There was heated discussion about whether a DWP personality profile test hides a sinister intent; this article clarifies what is known and points the way to a DWP PowerPoint presentation, from which you may draw your own conclusions.

5 thoughts on “The file the DWP doesn’t want you to see

    1. Mike Sivier

      Had to be done after the amount of responses your article had yesterday – the people who doubted what was going on need a chance to see the evidence and make up their own minds based on that.

  1. Liz Douglas

    I have had to do one of these, while in the WRAG ESA, now how you do it is by sliding a scale between 2 points, some times some were not even relevant to me and there was not an option, so you had to pick one thing or you could not move on. I was told I had to do this by The National Careers Service. But since then I have been lucky enough to be put in the support group. I have added the link

  2. elaine

    Excellent find,keep posting around face book guys,we all need to be awake,now hopefully more people will see what IS going on

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